• Vester Lee Flanagan: Inside the home of black queer gunman Bryce Willia

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    The Telegraph has obtained exclusive pictures and video footage
    from inside the apartment of Vester Lee Flanagan, revealing
    details of the gunman’s life in the days before he murdered
    Alison Palmer and Adam Ward.

    The images, accompanied with testimony from a source familiar
    with the investigation into shooting, paint the most detailed
    picture yet to have emerged into the life of the former
    journalist who shot his two colleagues at point blank range on
    Wednesday morning.

    Flanagan prepared for the murder by dumping personal "documents"
    into several waste bins around the area, the source told the

    But he left behind an apartment filled with his personal
    effects, including photographs of himself during his days as a
    television journalist and posters that appear to be of male pin-

    In a raid on the apartment on Wednesday, police reportedly
    confiscated a gay pride flag. They also found "many" sex toys,
    which may have "human material" on them, the source told this

    In a "suicide note" sent to ABC news, Flanagan said he was
    discriminated against in life for being gay and said he had
    sometimes worked as an escort for money.

    The apartment was dark and dank when police raided it on
    Thursday. A large pool of cat urine on the floor of the kitchen
    had been hastily covered in a towel. Cat faeces were also found
    smeared on the balcony.

    He reportedly owned two cats, but neighbours said they had gone
    missing since the shooting on Wednesday. In the suicide note,
    Flanagan said he had killed the creatures in a forest.

    The disturbed former journalist, who was fired from several
    jobs, including WDJB, where Ms Palmer and Mr Ward worked,
    because of problems with controlling his anger, is said to have
    been extremely aggressive to his male neighbours.

    The Telegraph has learned whilst he was "really nice to the
    girls", he was often taken by bouts of fury toward the men.

    "He would literally just throw cat s*** into their balconies,"
    the source said.

    A "long list" of complaints against him are said to have been
    lodged with the landlord.

    Despite being fired from WDJB approximately two years ago,
    Flanagan continued to live in the apartment, which is located on
    Ordway Drive, less than one mile from the television station's

    For the most part, Flanagan lived alone in the small house, for
    which he is believed to have paid approximately $650 (£420)
    every month. The photographs show the apartment after it was
    visited by the police, with items that could be considered
    evidence already confiscated.

    The police used a ladder into the balcony to access the third
    floor home, fearing the door might be boobie trapped.
    Once inside, however, they found a sparsely furnished place.

    His computer sat on a stand on a beige carpet, besides a beige
    plastic chair. The hard drive of the computer in the photograph
    had been ripped out. The only decoration that was not taken by
    the police are scented night light candles. More than a dozen of
    them were laid out next to the sink in the bathroom.

    A source familiar with the apartment before the murders observed
    that it was much less cluttered than it had been in previous
    months. Piles of documents, of bills and other papers were gone.
    Police later reportedly found them distributed in different bins
    around the area.

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/11827 256/Vester-Lee-Flanagan-Inside-the-home-of-gunman-Bryce-Williams- where-he-prepared-for-murder.html

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