• Virginia black queer shooting tragedy: pro-faggot nanny Britons DEMAND

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    BRITS have called for America to reconsider the gun control laws
    immediately after the Virginia shooting tragedy this afternoon.

    The gunman - named the suspect as Vester Lee Flanagan II - shot
    dead a reporter and cameraman during a live US television
    breakfast interview.

    Taking to Twitter to discuss the tragedy, it would seem Brits
    are urging America to re-think how they see guns in the wake of
    the deaths.

    Currently, gun laws in the US work to regulate the sale,
    possession, and use of firearms and ammunition - but is it

    One Twitter user took to the social network to say: "I guess
    it's still too soon to have that talk on gun control, right

    Another added: "Two people in America were shot down on LIVE
    TELEVISION and yet stricter gun control is considered a 'breach
    of freedom'."


    KarlPeterson12 days ago
    We can't accept gun ignorance. ....news flash....the shooters
    gun was bought legally. No laws would have prevented it.
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    KarlPeterson12 days ago
    We got rid of you in 1776....try addressing your knife problem
    and stay the hell out of our business.
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    Spartan Man 513 days ago
    Gun ownership is not the problem, but American societal problems
    is. Many other countries allow gun ownership, including
    Switzerland, Serbia and Finland, yet they have nowhere near the
    same problem. If you insist on having a rat-race society, don't
    be surprised when the rats turn on each other. Guns are
    permitted by the US Constitution so that the citizens can defend
    themselves against tyrannical governments. Unfortunately, here
    in the UK and many other European countries, guns are outlawed,
    thus allowing our governments to trample on our own right to not
    be taken over by foreign rule and Islam, and our ability to
    fight against it.
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    Davey Boy113 days ago
    USA laws are not our problem or issue. - Getting out of the EU is
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    IvorBalco13 days ago
    Every hour of every day, hundreds of millions of gun owners in
    the USA prove guns don't kill people, murderers do.
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    Junglecat0313 days ago
    Not everyone with a gun murders people, therefore widespread gun
    ownership is safe. How ridiculous. By the same rationale, you
    could let 6 yr olds drive cars and as long as one survives,
    lower the driving age to 6.

    In fact every hour of every day, the statistics show, there is
    an undeniable correlation between ownership of guns and gun-
    related deaths. To argue otherwise is to deny the evidence.

    This article however is click-bait, designed to rile americans
    as they are "getting told" what to do by those pompous brits. Of
    course it is not our place to demand tighter gun controls in the
    US. We can only offer intelligent debate and let you do with it
    what you will.

    Let's hope you see sense.
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    Rothay13 days ago
    Daily Express butt out of American affairs, please. You are
    doing a lousy job with the EU referendum, and sometimes appear t
    be running with the hair and hunting with the hounds. Not all
    the money of your good owner could help the UKIP; Get off your
    arses and do something for Britain. We in the US are okay thank
    you very much.
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    Yemil13 days ago
    I am a Brit that has lived in America for more than half my
    lifetime. Once upon a time I was appalled by the gun violence
    over here but now I just feel numb when Americans are killed by
    Americans.If terrorists killed Americans like they kill each
    other the US would be so appalled there would be many more wars
    than there are already but if they don't really care about their
    kids or each other why should I care ? Americans just can't
    tolerate any criticism about guns because too many of them are
    firmly ruled by the NRA. My suggestion would be just to let them
    have the country they deserve and stay quiet about it which is
    probably what I should have done in this case as well.
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    Susie113 days ago
    oops sorry for the misspelled word:)
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    Susie113 days ago
    There are many Americans fighting to get gun control but dealing
    with idols is a way of life in America now a days. When the
    Constitution was written we had fought a war to be free and
    determine our future. Our forefathers wanted us to be able to
    bear arms for use against an invasion of people who would
    control us,not the right to handguns which have no real use
    other than to KILL or AK47's! I'm ashamed of my country for the
    use of power and money that knocks common sense out of anything
    in the words our founders wrote!
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    Rothay13 days ago
    Question for all the British nosey parkers - are you as
    passionate at what is happening in Calais? Dunkirk? Are you as
    worried as many on this forum appear to be or is it a pretence?

    Has Cameron's victory lap after the last elections got you all
    so dumbed down that you are more concerned and hell fire
    passionate about what happened in Virginia, USA?

    Believe t, the Americans could care less about your hordes of
    Muslims taking over your country. So, please, lay off the guns
    crap. You all look ridiculous.

    Calais is going nuts. Dunkirk is following. there are hordes in
    the Balkans headed your way and you worry about a black
    homosexual 3,000 miles away?

    Little wonder that Cameron, Westminster, the Labour Party, Tony
    Blair, the BBC, your "Establishmemt," and the African migrants
    are running rings around you.

    Get your priorities straight for pity's sake!

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    This comment has been deleted
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    Mike Spilligan13 days ago
    peanut: This forum is open to anyone - and what Rothay says may
    sound intemperate, but it's good sense for their nation. Who are
    these Brits poking their noses into US affairs? One is a so-
    called "comedian" - I may be wrong, but I'm not a TV watcher -
    therefore I'm better informed than most.
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    Birdmaniw13 days ago
    Guns should be banned in the USA.
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    Rothay13 days ago
    Better to say Muslims and their iihadists should be banned in
    Britain. You are an accident waiting to happen.
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    Birdmaniw13 days ago
    What has your comment got to do with banning guns in the USA?
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    http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/life/600954/Virginia- shooting-Bryce-Williams-America-gun-law-tragedy-TV-station

    Illegal alien muslim Barack Hussein Obama seizes on this tragedy
    caused by one of his mentally ill homosexual, black racist nuts,
    to wave the flags for more gun control.

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