• Louis Komjathy compatible with Carolyn Stokes

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    There are photos of Louis Komjathy, if David cared
    to view them for his own search of what matters to him.

    You may have heard of two spirit individuals, who have
    both a male and a female spirit (each would be one
    of the four orientations).

    I am now using the terminology of Eight Sexual Harmonics,
    as on https://www.nfld.com//~dalton/8H.html , rather than
    my old terminology of four orientations and two genders,
    so what I called purestraight I now call straight-type-1
    and what I called fourth orientation I now call straight-type-2.

    Dr. Komjathy seems to be an even more rare case,
    a four spirit individual, and it is very hard for me to
    discern the genders and orientations. But I guess
    purestraight male, gay male, purestraight female,
    lesbian, so he would have at least partial
    compatibility with everyone except fourth orientation
    men and fourth orientation women.

    Why couldn’t you test me on regular cases first?

    Dr. Komjathy is a very rare four-spirit straight-type-1-M/gay/straight-type-1-FT/lesbianT.

    As I speculated a while ago on alt.religion.druid ,
    someone optimally compatible with him is
    CBC Newfoundland and Labrador TV news anchor
    Carolyn Stokes, who is a very rare four-spirit straight-type-1-F/lesbian/straight-type-1-MT/gayT.

    Her spouse actor Allan Hawco has a good match who
    is someone other than her.

    https://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page) "And the cart is on a wheel; And the wheel is on a hill;
    And the hill is shifting sand; And inside these laws we stand” (Ferron)

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