• Valentine's Day

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    Once again I am trying to instigate a global new age, and
    will report on the attempt in the thread also entitled
    "Valentine's Day" on alt.religion.druid , so check that
    thread if you are interested, which I deem more likely
    if you notice effects.

    From that thread:

    I will try for completion leading up to Valentine's Day here,
    which is appropriate given my matchmaking primary siddhi
    and associated Eight Sexual Harmonics matchmaking theory
    lore, and my attempt to adjust the sexual harmonics of
    22% of humans globally (all of whom are in committed
    relationships) for better compatibility.

    New for here: That 22% should now have occurred including
    other changes including no one-way attraction. Also
    the many celebrity (and some other) matches I listed
    on the "various matches" thread on alt.religion.druid
    should now be valid since old locks have been rendered
    incomplete, sexual shielding spells have been adjusted,
    and the species split has occurred.

    Also sex will have to be compatible and start with a
    kiss on the lips, though it could be a dry kiss.

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