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    She also said:
    "War is Peace.
    Freedom is Slavery.
    Ignorance is Strength.
    The Penised Individual Who Raped You Is a Woman."

    So if you are a wombed woman, the conclusion must be that the penised individual is a transed lesbian woman.

    From my matchmaking periods, some examples of
    lesbianT people are:

    Christian Slater (married to a bif)
    Justin Trudeau (married to a bif)
    Bruce/Caitlin Jenner
    Pope Francis (thus a woman pope?)
    Cardi B. (straight-type-2-MT)’s spouse Offset
    (so they are not compatible, and bifT 50 Cent could bridge between them)
    Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics (married to a lesbian)

    A lesbianT is compatible with lesbians and bifs, not with
    straight-type-1 women and not with straight-type-2 women.
    However many bifs (women attracted to both genders)
    choose to live a straight lifestyle, but I still don’t call
    them straight-type-3-F, and they should admit their attraction
    to both genders if they want the best match of the opposite
    gender, i.e. a straight-type-2-M.

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