• More "Trek" projects in the pipeline (Warning: Contains much speculatio

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    "What does that mean for the next five, even 10 years? Should fans already be worried about recent history repeating itself?

    We know for sure that there are at least two Star Trek motion picture projects planned by Paramount. Just this month, at CinemaCon, Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos announced that “multiple movies” were coming—and he later clarified
    that there were at least two in the works. Details are still unfolding, but it’s
    all but certain that we’ll see one more “Kelvin” timeline film featuring that
    cast. The other project is likely to be built around the Internet’s favorite story idea, the one pitched by none other than Quentin Tarantino and currently reported to be in development as a script by The Revenant’s Mark L. Smith.

    Beyond those details, we really don’t know anything about what either film will
    have to say. The last “Kelvin” timeline film, Star Trek Beyond, left our crew on
    the bridge of that timeline’s version of NCC-1701-A. The fourth installment is
    likely to star the same main cast (minus Anton Yelchin; J.J. Abrams has said that they will not recast Chekov in the wake of Yelchin’s tragic, accidental death in 2016), and Variety recently reported S.J. Clarkson is attached as a director. Clarkson is known for directing episodes of Dexter, Orange is the New
    Black, and Jessica Jones, and she would become the first woman to direct a Star
    Trek feature film. Story possibilities are endless, but the consensus in the fan
    community is that the hints dropped by Abrams and others last year about Chris Hemsworth’s return as George Kirk are to be believed. There’s some speculation
    that the movie may center around Captain Kirk interacting with his deceased father through yet another time travel event, possibly even tying up the “Kelvin” timeline by stopping his death—thus making a four-film, self-contained

    What Tarantino’s story idea might have been is anyone’s guess. I personally
    doubt it will be what most people think of when they imagine a “Tarantino story”—I’d be surprised if we see our first R-rated Trek feature, for example.
    Tarantino is on record as being a big fan of episodes like “City on the Edge of
    Forever” and “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” for whatever that tells us (isn’t
    everyone a fan of those episodes?). Rumors so far suggest that it may feature an
    entirely different setting (i.e. not an Enterprise or any other surrounding planets with which we’re familiar), may not even center on Starfleet characters,
    and may exist in its own timeline."

    "And if a second season of Discovery and two more movies at Paramount weren't enough to whet your Trek appetite, the future of the franchise had potential major updates just this week. Wrath of Khan director Nick Meyer stated during an
    event at UC Irvine on May 16 that he was working on a trilogy of movies for CBS
    All Access, although forward momentum was on hold while CBS and Paramount work out their legal situation."



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    "What does that mean for the next five, even 10 years? Should fans
    already beworried about recent history repeating itself?

    Many fans already bailed out long ago thanks to the idiotic "reboots"
    (both JarJar Abrams' awful movies and the silly 'Enterprise' show)
    ruining the franchise. :-(

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    Where Is Star Trek Boldly Going?

    "Star Trek is finally awakening from slumber and entering a boom era. Ever since
    the demise of Enterprise in 2005, Trek fans have had only J.J. Abrams' movies and
    decades-old TV reruns to keep them going. But now CBS wants to have a Star Trek show running "all year round" on CBS All-Access, the company says, and early rumors about the potential series are painting a promising picture for the future
    for Star Trek.

    Here's a running list of everything Star Trek in the works right now. (If you want the lowdown on season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, you can read on right here.)"



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    A Rick and Morty writer will take Star Trek where no Trek has gone before — comedy:

    "According to Variety, CBS has officially ordered two seasons of Star Trek: Lower
    Decks, a new animated Trek series eventually coming to the CBS All-Access streaming service. The new project is being developed by Mike McMahan, a writer
    on Rick and Morty, and it will focus on the support crew working on one of the other Starfleet ships."



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