• [NEWS] Star Trek Discovery premiere date announced

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    From ComingSoon.net ...

    Star Trek Discovery premiere date announced
    CBS has announced that the upcoming Star Trek Discovery will
    officially debut on the network on Sunday, September 24. The
    first and second episodes will be available on their
    streaming service, CBS All Access, that night as well. In
    addition to the Star Trek Discovery premiere date, CBS
    revealed the new poster as well, which you can view at:


    After premiere night, all new episodes will be available
    on-demand weekly on Sundays exclusively for CBS All Access
    subscribers in the U.S. The 15-episode season will be
    released in two chapters. The first eight episodes will run
    from Sunday, Sept. 24 through Sunday, Nov. 5. The season will
    then resume with the second chapter in January 2018.


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