• Plot holes in Star Trek Nemesis

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    On Tuesday, 24 December 2002 02:38:51 UTC+10, Scott Dubin wrote:
    Since I haven't seen anyone else pointing out the plot holes in this
    dumb, dumb, film, I guess I'll do it myself. It's not like I've
    memorised the movie or anything so I'll probably miss stuff, but.

    1) The Enterprise is sent to Romulan space because its the "nearest
    ship," even though theres no immediate crisis. They would logically
    send the best diplomats, not any other Starship nearby. That's not
    the plot hole, however. The villian somehow magically knows Picard is coming, even though choosing the Enterprise for the mission was a
    completly random decision by Janeway or whoever?

    2) Aside from the logic of randomly detecting Data's brother from
    whatever random planet it was on, how the heck did the villian know
    they'd find Data's brother? Space is a pretty big place. You'd have
    to know what ship was being assigned, their starting location, the
    path they'd take, and you'd have to set it up way in advance.

    3) The Romulan homeworld has no ships? Did they have a small
    animation budget or something? Worf says, "Let's raise sheilds" after sitting there for eighteen hours waiting for the Romulan ship to

    4) The bad guys kidnap Picard, cloak their ship, and just lets the
    Enterpise stay there in the center of the Romulan empire. The crew
    just kinda hangs around twiddling their thumbs. Oh, I forgot, the
    Romulans only have 3 ships.

    5) The Romulan military randomly decides they'd like to be ruled by
    their former slaves, the Remans? I mean, a military coup makes sense,
    but put the Remans in charge. I mean, the military woman killed the senate... the Remans had nothing to do with it!

    6) The romulans and Remans come togethor to put a crazy human guy in
    charge of the Empire? "You know what we need, some crazy human guy to
    lead our empire. Any can he be the evil twin clone of some federation
    hero, so they can have a big climactic confrontation? Maybe he can be
    really spooky and hang out in a dark, death star type throne room?" Naturally, the entire universe revolves around Picard. From the borg
    to the Romulans, everyone needs an evil Picard.

    7) The military decides to turn on the Picard clone guy, and they do
    with 2 little little ships, that look like klingon ships, so I thought
    at first they were imitating the next generation episode where the
    Klingon ships decloaked in Romulan space and save the Enterprise at a convinient plot moment.

    8) So the slow countdown sequence to the firing of the Superweapon
    had begun (James Bond style.) And instead of doing the obvious thing
    and sending over a taskforce, Picard decides to go alone? Because he
    has such a great chance of singlehandidly defeating all the Remans on
    the enemy ship?

    9) So, the bad guys have to wait till the Enterpise reaches some
    "rift' to attack, because their communications would be down? What
    good is that? The Enterprise already knew they were going to be
    attacked, because the evil clone wanted to kill Picard and the
    Enterprise would have had plenty of time to warn them about the
    Superweapon along the way before the rift.

    Hmm, that was a lot. Who can possibly take Star Trek seriously
    anymore? The writers certainly don't.

    I saw other glaring flaw. Why not overload a phaser next to the device and use the single use teleporter to get away? That way no one needed to die.

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