• Defiant: O'Brien & Riker EXPLAINED!

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    : How's this: O'Brien was the Transporter Chief who was "responsible"
    : for the creation of the 2nd Riker. However, Riker2 (He uses his
    : middle name, Thomas, I believe) was busted to Lieutenant since you
    : couldn't have two Commander Rikers. Riker2 probably blames O'Brien
    : for his troubles.

    : (Pardon me if I've made any mistakes.)

    : -Choi

    I believe this has been said previously...

    The episode "The Wounded" establishes that Miles O'Brien served with a Captain Ben Maxwell previous to his time on the Enterprise--time that
    would have overlapped with the Potemkin-transporter accident that
    resulted in the dual Rikers from "Second Chances"...


    Tom Riker was created 2361, while there's no mention of WHEN Miles O'Brien served on the Phoenix under Captain Maxwell, to indicate that O'Brien was not on the Potemkin at the time, so O'Brien could obviously have served on both ships at different times.
    In "Second Chances," the dialogue simply states that the Potemkin's unnamed "transporter-chief," rather than simply the attendant officer, created the emergency transporter-bypass that duplicated Riker, so this could easily have been O'Brien.
    Likewise, if Riker wanted to get rid of O'Brien, he could have just said something more convincing than to be a dick, which would have been out-of-character for Riker and O'Brien suspect that something was up.
    Rather, it makes far more sense that O'Brien had something to do with the mishap that left Riker marooned on the planet for 8 years.

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    ...I think the writers just messed up the writing...I just watched TNG and Deep Space on Netflix...cuz there is no logical reason for that dialogue as far as I know. Because I've also searched everywhere on the web for a reason and there are none and O'
    Brien wasn't mentioned. The ONLY thing I can even remotely think of based on Thomas Riker's personality is they were TRYING to hint to the audience that it's not Riker because his existence is only because of a transporter error and O'Brien represents
    that....but even that an odd stretch.

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