• Thoughts on Star Trek Discovery (Ep 1-4 spoilers!)

    From John Savard@21:1/5 to All on Sat Oct 14 17:26:12 2017
    I am enjoying the show.

    After the first two episodes, I was kind of expecting the cliffhanger to be resolved by her being taken in hand by a captain with an agenda of going more forcefully against the Klingons than even the Federation, at war with them, intended.

    So far, that's ambiguous, but the Captain definitely is being handled as dark and mysterious.

    After the third episode, I felt that by the end of the series, the series lead will either be dead or be back in jail, being unable to vindicate herself... thus explaining Sarek's strong opposition to Spock joining Starfleet!

    As to the fourth episode... a tardigrade enabling FTL travel by playing computer
    after eating spores... reminds me of a whale doing the same thing after eating spice. Since Frank Herbert complained that *Star Wars* was plagiarizing Dune, could this make his heirs go ballistic?

    After all, this actually reminded me of Dune; Star Wars *didn't*, any more than,
    say, Lawrence of Arabia.

    John Savard

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  • From dumpster4@hotmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Oct 15 01:19:52 2017
    So far, it looks like they're on course for an "Equinox" type plot, where they eventually give up on the spore drive tech, since they have to torment the tardigrade to use it.

    Otherwise, they'd still be using it in Kirk's time (and beyond).

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