• Variety.com Review: "Star Trek: Discovery"

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    I wonder if placing a can of Raid conspicuously on your console when you
    sit down for your shift would be considered a hate crime?

    Endoskeletal privilege: three weeks in re-education camp.

    "But I thought any insults would bounce off that carapace."

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    The review from Variety.com ...

    It might be your mother's, if she is a fan of "Star Trek: Deep
    Space Nine," which is widely considered to be the best of the
    "Trek" TV efforts.

    Not by anyone in this or any adjacent reality.

    I don't know about "widely", but I think we can agree that not too many people would class Voyager or even Enterprise as the best.

    Fans, I think, will always go with TOS - and perhaps with TNG as a close second.
    Actually, there are some fans who will take TNG as the best, since TOS did have obvious limitations.

    But there is definitely a large class of non-fans who might well class DS9 as the best. TV critics, for example, and other people who like high-class arty programming will approve of its long story arcs, among other things.

    John Savard

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