• [NEWS] "Starfleet Academy" series in development (sci-fi)

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    "Saved By The Transporter"?
    "One Holo-tree Hill"?

    From ComingSoon.net ...

    Starfleet Academy Star Trek Series in Development at Paramount+
    During an interview with The New York Times, filmmaker and
    producer Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness,
    Clarice) revealed that Paramount+ is developing a series
    centered on the Starfleet Academy.

    Emmy-nominated Kurtzman has produced five shows in the Star
    Trek universe for Paramount+, including Star Trek: Discovery,
    Star Trek: Picard, the adult animated series Star Trek: Lower
    Decks, the upcoming Paramount/Nickelodeon animated series Star
    Trek: Prodigy, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, debuting in
    2022. The outlet confirmed that another project, Section 31
    starring Michelle Yeoh in her reprised role as Captain
    hilippa Georgiou is also in the works along with a "show built
    around the Starfleet Academy, which will be aimed at a younger

    It has not yet been confirmed if the Starfleet Academy project
    will be a live-action or animated series.

    "I think we're just getting started," said Kurtzman about the
    ever-expanding Star Trek universe. "There's just so much more
    to be had."

    President of CBS Studios David Stapf added: "Anything goes, as
    long as it can fit into the Star Trek ethos of inspiration,
    optimism, and the general idea that humankind is good. So
    comedy, adult animation, kids' animation - you name the genre,
    and there's probably a Star Trek version of it."

    Kurtzman, who revealed to the outlet that he "wants to get
    much weirder with the franchise," said if it were up to him,
    he would be "pushing the boundaries much further than I think
    most people would want. I think we might get there. Marvel has
    actually proven that you can. But you have to build a certain
    foundation in order to get there and we're still building our


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