• [NEWS] "Star Trek: Prodigy" - Kate Mulgrew returns (animated series

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    On Fri, 9 Oct 2020 08:51:05 +1300, Your Name <YourName@YourISP.com>

    "I have invested every scintilla of my being in Captain Janeway, and
    I can't wait to endow her with nuance that I never did before in Star
    Trek: Prodigy,"

    Oh give me a break - this wasn't Mulgrew's first TV role nor her last.

    Nor in my opinion even her best (I thought she did a far better job as
    Reznikov in Orange is the New Black) work and I say that feeling I've
    at least as good a Trekkie as most. (Mind you I don't consider Voyager
    as the best in the Star Trek canon though I watched all of it_

    On the other hand working actors routinely exaggerate their roles so I
    guess I can live with comments like this.

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