• DS9 "The Jem'Hadar" ***SPOILERS***

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    Well, it's a LOGICAL conclusion, since the Dominion has demonstrated >>technological superiority at every turn. I grant, however, that its not the >>ONLY conclusion. As myself and others have suggested, the Dominion may be >>pulling a big bluff.

    Not to nitpick too much, but there was very little blustering by the >Dominion. They were not running around with puffed out chests saying >"Abandon all hope ye who come against us."
    They radiated quiet confidence I would say. Ie the word 'bluff' is >inappropriate as they did not seem to be trying to fake anybody out.

    So they're good poker players.

    Besides, "abandon all hope, ye who come against the Jem'Hadar" was PRECISELY Eris' message.

    Third Talaktalen sternly warned the DS9 folks to not enter the Gamma Quadrant anymore, warning that the Dominion would be offended and retaliate, (as per what they did to the Odyssey!). Yet the Federation often enters the Gamma Quadrant over the next
    few years!

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