• A Message For Secret Hideout/CBS

    From Joey Jolley@21:1/5 to All on Thu Apr 30 14:10:33 2020
    I am dissatisfied with your handling of "Star Trek". The gruesome, gorey horror stuff, the foul language, the meanness of the characters toward one another in "Discovery" and "Picard". We don't think this is appropriate behavior nor is it what "Star
    Trek" is about.

    I can accept action (good vs. evil) stuff and some mild swearing or swearing that is necessary for a scene, but this horrible filth that you have put into modern "Star Trek" is totally unacceptable! I didn't ask for it nor do we want it! We want "
    Star Trek" to go back to what it is all about: exploration, humanity rising out of its current state and becoming better, and conflict only happening when necessary.

    I want the positive aspects of "Star Trek" to return. The men at Secret Hideout and CBS think that this new stuff is to satisfy young people whom they think demands this filth! Well, I don't think young people really want that!

    I wish that Secret Hideout and CBS return the "Star Trek" franchise to the ownership and control of Paramount Pictures and that Rick Berman or some other competent producer be hired/rehired to helm the franchise.

    Having the franchise under the control of men who only care about money and their own agendas is just plain sick! It's time for "Star Trek" to come under the control of people who know what they're doing, not under these men who only care about
    increasing their cash flow and pushing their own agenda!

    I might get backlash for this, maybe even a cease-and-desist order from CBS demanding that I stop expressing opinions challenging and contrary to those of the powers-that-be. I'll comply with any cease-and-desist order I get, but I had to express my
    feelings on the matter.

    This will be my only post on the matter.


    A Longtime "Star Trek" Fan

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