• [NEWS] Picard's life is much different in new Star Trek series

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    "Picard's life was radically altered by the dissolution of the
    Romulan Empire," Kurtzman explained when talking about what will
    set Picard apart from other Star Trek content. Picard will mark
    the first Star Trek story to take place after those events, which
    will see a significant change in the galaxy's power dynamic.
    Particularly with Picard himself, who spent much of his career
    trying to build a peaceful alliance with the Romulans.

    Huh. I do not remember Picard doing anything of the sort!

    The lying murdering traitor Picard was mostly claiming false credit for >>>> Spock's work.

    I am having trouble counting the times he actually dealt with Romulans.

    Five, maybe six?

    There's a lot of Picard backstory (that makes *no* sense) from the first
    JJ movie that got cut but survives in comic book form. It amazingly
    manages to make a bad movie even worse.

    OK, so this isn't real trek, just some shit JJ fabricated.

    Which brings me back to the very first sentence I posted when I started
    this news topic ...

    Well this series is already crap to avoid watching thanks to
    having a connection to JarJar Abrams' abysmal garbage movies. :-(

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