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    THE TRUST (2016)
    A film review by David N. Butterworth
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    **1/2 (out of ****)

    Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood co-star as inventors of the medical apparatus consisting of a pad usually supported by a belt for maintaining a hernia in
    a reduced state.
    No, wait. That's "The Truss."
    "The Trust" (two Ts) is about a pair of crooked cops, Cage and Wood also,
    who, during the course of their corrupt police investigations, stumble
    across a secret bank vault in the rear of a grocery store--the money goes
    in but never comes out--and decide to divvy up the contents.
    Cage is almost always watchable, even when he's bad (make that *especially* when he's bad), and his Jim Stone is another off-the-wall
    weirdo he seems to relish playing. He's erratic, explosive, and
    unpredictable. Wood, as usual, mostly provides goggle-eyed reaction shots whenever his relatively-stable David Waters isn't drinking or whoring or getting stoned--it's our tax dollars at work! But somehow the pairing
    I wouldn't go as far as to recommend "The Trust" exactly, but it's competently made (by the Brothers Brewer) and that counts for a lot these
    days, when anyone with an iPhone can essentially remake "Titanic" while slopping about in the tub. Dance-pop Internet phenom Sky Ferreira gets
    third billing, yet plays a character credited as "Woman" (so much for
    gender equality) and Jerry Lewis, who settles for fourth billing, is only
    in the one scene--maybe co-directors Alex and Benjamin thought the French
    would get a chuckle out of him playing a nonagenarian (he *is* 90, after
    "The Trust" announces itself as a visually-arresting crime thriller
    set in Las Vegas, but the script favors irreverent buddy banter over
    thrills, especially in the first act. When Jim and David finally start drilling into the vault from above, the film becomes more absorbing,
    although you'd swear these guys were professional safe crackers, not bent police officers, the way they negotiate all those pin tumbler latches and rings. It's probably fair to say that you won't guess the ending, as the Brewers play their cards pretty close to their chests, but I will tell you
    this much: no trusses are involved.

    David N. Butterworth

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