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    Pre-Order Your 50th-Anniversary Star Trek Barbies Now
    Now's your chance to get the Kirk Barbie.

    If you didn't know that Star Trek is turning 50, a new
    Barbie collection is here to remind you.

    Mattel, the company behind the iconic Barbie brand, is
    selling Star Trek 50th Anniversary Barbie dolls
    featuring some of the most popular characters from the
    series, including Kirk, Spock, and Uhura. All of the
    dolls are currently available for pre-order and cost

    Image: Star Trek Barbie dolls

    Image: Star Trek Barbie Spock

    "As Star Trek turns 50, we look back and celebrate one
    of the most influential television series of all time,"
    Mattel writes in its product description for the Kirk
    Barbie doll. "Dressed in his classic gold uniform tunic,
    Captain James Tiberius Kirk leads his crew in exploring
    the final frontier. Sculpted to recreate the actor's
    likeness, this Captain Kirk doll stands handsomely and
    features realistic details from the original costume,
    including the iconic Starfleet insignia."

    First airing in 1966, the show was arguably one of the
    most important sci-fi shows to ever reach television,
    and spawned a slew of successors that have garnered
    similarly strong support.

    Still, the first Star Trek lives on as more of a cult
    classic today than a major hit. The show only aired for
    three seasons and despite early high ratings, wasn't
    generally well-regarded among critics at the time. But
    it's held up long enough to earn itself the Barbie

    If you're a Star Trek fan, pre-order yours now on the
    Barbie website or Amazon (Spock, Kirk, Uhura), which
    says the dolls will ship on July 15.

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