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    Because it was too politically correct for its own good?

    I like political correctness. We used to call it "being polite" when I was >a kid.

    No, being polite and being "politically correct" are two very
    different things. It is the confusion of the two that is a major
    problem with today's society. It is entirely possible to be polite
    while not being politically correct (I can wish someone a Merry
    Christmas and be completely polite, but unless I also wish someone
    Happy Haunakkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy whatever else there is out
    there, I run the risk of being accused of being politically

    Regardless, I'm not sure "politically correct" is the main issue with
    _Force of Nature_. It's more they took an issue (environmentalism)
    that is politically correct and proceeded to bludgeon the audience
    with it. The episode had no subtlety at all. From the get-go we're
    told the crusading scientists think warp speed is damaging space. Lo
    and behold, at the end they're right. Contrast that with, say, "Half a
    Life", another TNG "issue" episode. But that one went half way through
    the episode before the issue (care for the elderly / suicide at Age
    60) made itself known.

    Why didn't Timicin bring his successor with him to the star test site so that the successor could hit the ground running after he dies?

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