• TNG Episode Review: ST:TNC - "Half a Life"

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    On Tuesday, April 5, 1994 at 6:39:00 AM UTC-7, Phil Kernick wrote:
    Star Trek: The Next Cliche - Half a Life
    Episode: 196
    Title: Half a Life
    Stardate: 44805.3

    The citizens of Kaelan Two have what they call the resolution - a mandated ritual suicide at age 60. Wouldn't you just know it but Timicin is only days away from his!

    Since Timicin was planning to die soon, why didn't he bring his designated successor with him to the test site, so that his successor would have complete knowledge of the star revitalization situation?

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    The Kaelon sun is dying. Timicin of Kaelon II and the Enterprise fire photon torpedoes into a similar star to rejuvenate it, but it explodes. Timicin must now return home to commit suicide in accord with his planet's custom, as he is almost 60. The
    Science Minister says that it will take awhile to choose a successor. Given that everyone KNEW that Timicin was going to die soon, WHY HADN'T A SUCCESSOR ALREADY BEEN CHOSEN????? Why didn't his deputy come with him to the experimental site?
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