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    E3 news of yet more hopeless "reboot universe" crap from
    GamePlanet.co.nz ...

    Star Trek: Bridge Crew is an unbelievably nerdy VR co-op game
    And we must play it.

    Ubisoft is bringing Star Trek to virtual reality in Star Trek:
    Bridge Crew, the publisher announced today.

    Set in the rebooted Trek universe, Bridge Crew puts players on
    the bridge of the USS Aegis in deep space, carrying out
    missions in four-player co-op.

    Much like in indie game Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator,
    players can choose to play as Captain, Helm, Tactical, or
    Engineer, communicating and working together to run the ship
    and complete objectives.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation's LeVar Burton, who joined
    Ubisoft spokesperson Aisha Tyler onstage at the presentation,
    explained that, true to Star Trek, "the team does not succeed
    unless everybody does their job well."

    Unlike Artemis, VR technology places players directly on the
    bridge, with head and hand tracking and lip-sync mirroring
    players' movements in-game.

    Players will do battle with Klingons and explore a new region
    of space in story mode, or engage in procedurally-generated

    Solo play will also be available, with players taking on the
    role of captain to NPC crew members.

    Star Trek: Bridge Crew launches "this fall" on all major VR

    <http://www.gameplanet.co.nz/news/g575f2295b7ea2/Star-Trek-Bridge-Crew-i s-an-unbelievably-nerdy-VR-co-op-game/>

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