• Amok Time

    From Tim Bruening@21:1/5 to All on Sat Sep 10 07:22:31 2016
    Spock has gone into heat (Pon Farr) and must return to Vulcan to mate. However, he is quite reluctant to talk about his Pon Farr condition, even to Kirk. Vulcans consider Pon Farr to be quite personal, so don't like to talk about it.

    But when the Enterprise arrives, T'Pring appears on the bridge's viewscreen, and she and Spock speak some ritual words related to their scheduled mating. Spock then identifies her as his wife! Given that Vulcans consider the Pon Farr to be private, why
    would T'Pring and Spock be speaking so openly on the bridge, rather than conducting their conversation in a more private setting (such as the briefing room, or in person?). Why does Spock ID T=Pring as his wife on the bridge?

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