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    SPOILER warning deleted - *TOS* spoiler warnings is going a bit too far!
    RE: This Side of Paradise:

    Suppose you had the opportunity to get the spores from OC3. You
    would be assured health and happiness, but probably "no
    accomplishments... no progress..." Would you do it?

    That's one of the real strengths of that episode. It really makes you wonder.
    Kirk's smug speech at the end was, in my opinion, *deliberately* meant to sound
    a little forced and hollow. Who's to say if he was really right? Spock had the perfect rejoinder in his final line - "For the first time in my life, I was happy." Spoken evenly and emotionlessly, but with a subtle undertone of "look what you did to me!"

    The spores can heal all illnesses, and Kirk discovered how to nullify them (but the health benefits persisted). I therefore propose that sick people be taken to that planet to be exposed to the spore, then liberated from the spores via Kirk's method of
    using irritating sounds to cause the exposurees to get angry. Why wasn't this done?

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