• The Naked Time

    From Tim Bruening@21:1/5 to All on Thu Sep 8 23:37:34 2016
    The Enterprise is in orbit about a collapsing planet (Psi 2000), spiraling in as it goes so that it can obtain the best possible readings on the collapsing planet. On at least two occasions, a change of the planet's mass is reported, but the planet
    looked intact to me. How then could it change its mass?

    On the 2nd occasion, the planet's mass dropped. But I saw no sign that the planet had lost any pieces of itself. How could it lose mass?

    At the end, the Enterprise has to do a controlled implosion in its warp engines to escape, throwing it back in time 71 hours. Spock speculates that this "Time Warp" effect could prove useful some day, yet the crew never attempted a "Time Warp Implosion"
    in any subsequent episodes.

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