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    From Tim Bruening@21:1/5 to Angus Fluffy Rae on Thu Sep 8 23:27:36 2016
    On Wednesday, September 16, 1992 at 12:08:19 PM UTC-7, Angus Fluffy Rae wrote:
    er@iscp.Bellcore.COM (Elie Rosenfeld) writes:
    He actually does say "6 times 6 is 36". It's hard to hear because he is >sobbing over the words, but he does say them. Listen again.

    Indeed he does - this episode was shown tonight on the current BBC2
    rerun of TOS. Due to catching a snatch of this conversation I was
    listening. He actually seems to say 36 twice, with a gasping sob for
    breath inbetween...

    Great episode, IMHO. Riley in the engine room, Sulu hanging off ladders waving a foil about and Scotty complaining that he can't change the laws
    of physics.

    Scotty was drunk at the time he was complaining about the laws of physics? I had figured that complaining about the laws of physics was part of his normal personality, like complaining about the state of his beloved engines!

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