• The Enemy Within: Rand And Evil Kirk

    From Tim Bruening@21:1/5 to All on Thu Sep 8 23:23:19 2016
    The transporter splits Kirk into a good half and an evil half. The evil Kirk tries to rape Yeoman Janice Rand, but she fends him off by scratching his face. Evil Kirk then attacks a crewman. Rand later says that she wouldn't have complained about the
    attack by Evil Kirk if the crewman hadn't reported being attacked. Rand didn't want to get Kirk in trouble.

    At the end, Rand appears to try to get something started with Kirk, as if she found the evil Kirk's interest flattering!

    Was Gene Roddenberry trying to show the viewers an example of "battered woman's" syndrome? Did any 1960s battered women recognize themselves in Yeoman Rand's reaction to the Evil Kirk?

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