• Jerry Doyle Censored on "CNN Documents Babylon 5 DVD" Official Release?

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    What on earth did Jerry Doyle say this time to get him trouble? Here's the scoop.

    Babylon 5 Books released a direct-to-fans edition of "CNN Documents Babylon 5". The official edition will be released on Amazon.com later this year.

    Internally B5books.com referred to it as the Fan Edition because they included a "bonus" disc of video of Jerry Doyle and Claudia Christian commenting on the disc 1 and 2 footage in a picture-in-picture style. Basically it's a video of Garibaldi and
    Ivanova recording the audio commentary.

    Apparently these two went a little too far because it's likely that the official release will not include this disc because the language is too "colorful."

    "We have no idea what will happen" says Captain Jaclyn, head of Babylon 5 Books. "We warn people that the language is adult." She adds "But the real shame is we've gotten such positive feedback from the fans on how much love they disc 3 because it funny
    and clearly uncensored.

    Babylon 5 Books is expected to sell out the remainder of their 'uncensored, fan edition' of 'CNN Documents Babylon 5' shortly. Once news got out that there is the likely possibility that the 'official release may not contain this Disc 3 sales went
    berserk," added the Captain.

    Screenshots of Jerry Doyle and Claudia Christian and their "colorful" commentary for the "CNN Documents Babylon 5".

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