• Theatre Companies Copying Each Other

    From Harold Bernum@21:1/5 to All on Wed Mar 20 17:12:13 2019
    This just popped into my head and I thought I would put it
    out there. Is it common for theatre companies to copycat
    each other? I ask because one company I frequent had a
    stage production of Lizzie Borden, which was unveiled
    around the same time as a film came out on the same
    subject. Now, with their new season, they are doing a
    performance of "The Elephant Man", which, by
    coincidence, is also being produced at another local
    theatre. One is in April, and the other is in

    I recall a coworker who had a conspiracy theory that
    all CEOs work off the same event schedule for self-
    promotion. That is, whenever one company wanted to pull
    off some self-promotion act, another company would do
    the same thing a few months later (this was especially
    popular with YouTube trends like spontaneous dancing
    and whatnot). I put it down to a general lack of
    imagination on the part of company executives, but now
    I'm wondering if that theory can be applied to theatre
    companies. Perhaps, on the other hand, what I am seeing
    is all just a big coincidence.

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