• Last of the Summer Wine Episode Guide

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    On Wednesday, September 6, 1995 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, Music Department wrote:
    At last, the guide that at least three people have been waiting for.
    With a new series just begun on Sunday, 3 Sept, this seems a good
    time to launch this.

    Jerry Kohl

    Since your post was made in 1995, it is doubtful that anyone will ever read my reply, but I will give it a try anyway.

    First, thank you for such detailed information. I have been a fan of LOTSW for many years since it was first aired in the US. I found this site when Googling for the name NR BEALL that appeared on the mail slot at Sid and Ivy's cafe.

    Second, I have a comment and a question on your post. Compo stated that his wife ran off with A FIZZING POLE, not a fishing pole. The word fizzing was used as a euphemism for an obscene word that wasn't then or can't now be used on American television,
    and only in R-Rated movies. The character Smiler also used the word fizzing in the episode A Certain Smiler. When he was visited by the trio, he said he was stuck in fizzing hospital where they were treating him about four times a fizzing day. Compo
    later went on to say his wife ran off with a CHUFFING Pole. I take that to roughly mean the same thing.

    You also commented that Nora Batty was Compo's landlady. In what episode(s) was that ever mentioned? I do not remember any episodes where it was said Compo was Nora's tenant. I thought he was just another resident in the same building. Clem "Smiler"
    Hemingway did become Nora's tenant after he and his wife divorced.

    If anyone is still out there, reading this, I would appreciate some clarification. Thanks, from the US.

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