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    So the President is a woman - pro Hillary message? But the President
    ... is also evil or incompetent. So I don't know WHAT that message is.

    Well, Hillary.

    The good news is, Alex pronounced 'sentient' correctly. The bad news
    is, she used it wrong - at best Red Tornado may be 'autonomous' but it's
    just as likely to be following it's last directive.

    Wasn't she implying that the creator's mind leaped into the device?

    So the DOE has a *bunch* of Phantom Zone criminals in the basement?
    Nice to mention.

    How are they holding them?

    btw, every time someone writes DOE, I think Department of Energy. It's Department of Extra-Normal Operations, so why not DENO?

    Excellent casting on Cat's mom.

    She was great, almost made Cat seem human. I've got to say that I liked
    the scene with Cat telling Kara that women can't get angry in public.

    Terrible casting on General Lane - it's
    that guy from the life insurance commercials who can't act at all.

    I don't remember him in a commercial. He's been around for decades
    playing officious military types.

    Since when can a general have his own daughter in his chain of command, particularly on his personal staff? Give me a break.

    All in all though I liked it. But it's the actors and production crew >overcoming the writing, that's for sure.

    Yeah, this was a decent episode, everything being relative.

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