• Apparently Daniel Craig wanted to play Superman - not James Bond

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    Can you imagine it - James Bond - aka Daniel Craig cast as Superman.

    Doesn't seem the type to me

    From SR
    Daniel Craig may be a James Bond star now, but one of the things he
    really wanted to be when he was growing up was a superhero like
    Superman or Spider-Man. Craig has played arguably the most famous
    character in cinema history for the past decade and a half. With his Bond-playing days nearing their end, however, Craig is ready to wax
    nostalgic about what he wanted to play as child, perhaps hinting at
    what's he's interested in playing in the future.

    While not a superhero franchise, the James Bond franchise has been
    around for decades, generally assuming the position as the most
    memorable role for each actor who has played him, much in the same way superhero roles are what certain actors are remembered for. To some
    degree, Craig is tired of being known for only the one role, so he's
    retiring the mantle once No Time to Die receives its
    coronavirus-delayed release. However, it's possible Craig is searching
    for a new franchise.

    According to Metro, Craig recently gave an interview with Saga
    Magazine where he talked about his childhood dream of playing a
    variety of superheroes, including Superman and Spider-Man. After being
    asked about whether he thought of playing Bond when he was a child,
    Craig responded "The answer is no. I never did. I dreamed of
    being all sorts of other things Superman, Spider-Man, the Invisible
    Man, even a good old-fashioned cowboy. But Bond [not] so much, which
    seems ironic now." Surprisingly, Craig had the opportunity to
    play a cowboy in the 2011 film Cowboys & Aliens. Not mentioned was
    any desire to be in the Star Wars franchise, although he had that
    opportunity in 2015 with an uncredited cameo in Star Wars: The Force

    Branching out from the Bond movies has been a challenge for Craig, as
    they pay a lot of money and typically involve restrictive clauses; he
    didn't appear in a single film in 2013 or 2014, for instance. But last
    year's breakout hit Knives Out gave Craig a chance to flex a different
    acting muscle than the one used to play the world's foremost fictional
    spy. With new opportunities on the horizon, playing a superhero could
    give him a chance to flex yet another muscle while achieving a
    childhood dream.

    The odds of him playing Spider-Man are slim, since he's usually played
    by a young actor, and Tom Holland is entrenched in the role. Henry
    Cavill's time playing Superman is almost up, although it's hard to
    imagine Craig taking over a character that will probably involve roles
    for the long haul. Still, with a never ending stream of superhero
    movies being created, there's almost certainly an opportunity for
    Daniel Craig to play a superhero (or villain) in a Marvel or DC film,
    should he want to do it.

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