• Krypton SYFY series: another dystopia

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    Krypton, according to the SYFY channel preview I just watched,
    will be a version in line with the dead ice planet of the 1978 movie,
    the monarchist idiocy of "Lois & Clark," the barren, loveless
    globe of the John Byrne reboot, and the twisted militaristic,
    eugenics-obsessed nightmare of the "Man of Steel" film.

    ****Hawch!******* and *******Ptooey!******************

    The Krypton of Siegel and Shuster, of Edmund Hamilton
    Wayne Boring, Curt Swan, George Klein, and Murphy Anderson
    will again be consigned to the memory hole. S&S's
    mature, advanced civilization is supplanted by theocracy
    and aristocracy, apparently based on the odious 1988 "World
    of Krypton" miniseries.

    The way the post-silver age authors depict Krypton, when
    Kal-El's home planet blows up, it isn't a tragedy, it's a
    mercy killing.

    Kevin R

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