• Babylon 5 Christmas Day marathon!

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    On CHRISTMAS DAY we are showing the BABYLON 5 MARATHON! All day
    starting at 10 AM EST/9 AM CT! Catch up on the best episodes and SPACE
    OUT! www.CometTV.com

    Here's the lineup:

    10 am The Gathering
    Commander Sinclair is accused of trying to murder an alien ambassador
    and must prove his innocence.

    12 pm Midnight on the Firing Line
    An unprovoked attack on a Centauri colony by the Narn puts Londo and
    G'Kar (Peter Jurasik, Andreas Katsulas) at each other's throats. With
    Michael O'Hare, Claudia Christian.

    1 pm Babylon Squared
    Sinclair and Garibaldi undertake a mission to rescue the Babylon 4
    space station; Delenn is recalled by the Grey Council.

    2 pm Chrysalis
    While investigating a murder, Garibaldi uncovers an assassination plot
    and gets shot; a Centauri attack on a Narn outpost kills 10,000 Narn

    3 pm In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum
    Sheridan learns the truth about his wife's death; an ancient secret
    threatens the universe.

    4 pm Comes the Inquisitor
    G'Kar becomes a member of the resistance and, with Garibaldi's help,
    smuggles weapons to Narn; Delenn's willpower is tested by a mysterious

    5 pm The Fall of Night
    Centauris invade Drazi and Pak'ma'ra territory; Earth sends a peace
    minister; Sheridan orders an escort for a battered Narn cruiser.

    6 pm Matters of Honor
    Earthforce intelligence studies the Shadows; Londo tries to break the Centauri/Shadow alliance; Centauris blockade a Ranger camp.

    7 pm War Without End
    Former commander Sinclair is summoned to Babylon 5 to help Sheridan and
    his crew go back in time to save Babylon 4.

    8 pm War Without End
    Sinclair and Ivanova attempt to move Babylon 4 back through time;
    Sheridan experiences glimpses of his future.

    9 pm Z'Ha'Dum
    Sheridan's presumed-dead wife arrives on Babylon 5 and asks the stunned
    and skeptical captain to meet with the Shadows.

    10 pm Into the Fire
    Sheridan's fleet gets caught between the Vorlons and the Shadows as a planet-killer bears down on Coriana 6.

    11 pm End Game
    Sheridan leads the Resistance in a last battle to free Earth and Mars;
    Lyta engages the telepaths for help; President Clark aims the defense
    grid at Earth.

    December 26

    12 am Rising Star
    Acting President Luchenko (guest star Beata Pozniak) offers Sheridan
    (Bruce Boxleitner) amnesty in return for his resignation from
    Earthforce; Mars becomes independent; the League of Non-Aligned Worlds
    proposes a new Alliance. Guest star: Walter Koenig.

    1 am The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
    A future archivist reviews Earth's history beginning with the formation
    of the Alliance and Sheridan and Delenn's legacy before sending the
    records to the new Earth.

    2 am The Fall of Centauri Prime
    The Regent fails to defend Centauri Prime as the Alliance fleet
    approaches; Delenn and Lennier find themselves in a desperate

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