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    Also, we are real people. Jay and I frequently attend conventions and
    would be more than happy to meet anyone from the newsgroup.Then you
    can report back that we aren't actually power mad ogres. Or maybe we

    Last night I was at a FathomEvents simulcast. It was a 25th reunion for
    ST - TNG. The only tie in is the fact that the last time I went to a
    Star Trek convention Babylon 5 was still on the air so to me at the time
    it was a B5 convention that happened to have plenty of ST fans. That
    was natural. I'm a B5 fan who'd been a ST fan forever before B5 came
    out. It's been a very long time since I was at a convention of any sort
    and yet WorldCon was in town this year and I missed it. Says something
    about my priorities these days.

    Jay and I whad a fabulous time in your town! Sorry you missed it, the science programming was topnotch (Storey Musgrave! Sy Liebergot!
    squee!). We also spent time with some B5 fans!

    We also hit a B5 panel at Phoenix Comicon this year. It was very well attended and excellent. For whatever reason, Babylon 5 is still very
    much on the minds and in the hearts of fans. Or maybe we just have a
    B5 fan attraction aura. Not sure but we always seem to run into folks
    who loved B5 and are wistful for those days.

    We will be at Worldcon in San Antonio next year as well as at Phoenix Comicon.


    Well then, we'll have to have a bite on the Riverwalk.

    Jay (no, the other one).

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    Might be a bit more work now that Mr Fury here is hand moderated.  I
    don't think he's using a real e-mail address here, so any bounces that
    happen he's not gonna see.

    Turns out I was wrong, I just sent him an e-mail talking about this
    stuff and it got delivered.  So it is indeed a real e-mail address.

    It's always entertaining to see someone quoting himself and then
    responding to it as though it was a statement made by someone else, especially when it's a moderator who's doing it. <<

    I hardly think Jay was trying to fool anyone, particularly since the quoted
    bit begins with "Jay Denebeim <deneb...@deepthot.org> wrote:"


    Diligent Moderatrix

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    On Sun, 25 Nov 2012 22:38:50 -0500, Nicole Massey wrote
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    The NFB is a problem sometimes for blind folks. They contend that
    isn't a handicap, society's approach to it is what gives blind folks
    trouble. They're anti-guide dog, instead preferring blind folks to use a >>>> long "glide" cane that doesn't contact the ground, and they're also
    talking elevators and chirp signals on traffic lights. <<

    Well, that is extremely interesting and curious. Nicole, I am curious what >>> your position is on all of that?

    I find the position that blindness isn't a handicap to be one that might be >> useful in getting political support, but not of much use actually helping
    those who are blind.<<

    That's really unfortunate. I wonder why they would be so positional if it >actually fails to help most of the community they aim to represent?

    And I'm
    neutral on the traffic signals -- unless everyone is driving a Prius <<

    Guilty! I am quite careful when I see *anyone* crossing anywhere near me, >because it really is completely silent.

    My values are more
    in keeping with the American Council of the Blind, though I'm a bit
    frustrated that these two organization were so busy fighting with each other

    during the talks for the ADA that the mobility folks managed to get broad
    applications of what are commonly known as "wheelchair ramps of death" by
    blind folks. (Curbs are superior for blind people over ramps because they
    signal the end of a sidewalk and the beginning of a more dangerous street --

    ramps with bumps, sometimes jokingly called "Acne Ramps" or "measles ramps" >> are better than nude ramps but not as good as curbs) <<

    I don't think I've ever seen a ramp with bumps ‹ will keep an eye out for >them. And, what you say about the curb signalling the start of the street >makes complete sense! I had no idea there was so much division in the blind >community. I guess it's like any other insular community ‹ a theatre troupe, >a family, a newsgroup ‹ familiarity ultimately breeds dissent!


    My wife Pam and I have been fighting these battles for years. Yes,
    the NFB seems intent on preventing anyone from actually helping the
    blind, while Pam will take any help she can get! Right now her
    mobility skills are getting almost dormant, since there is no where to
    walk except the mail box out here, and I usually drive and guide her
    when we go out. She is also allergic to most dogs. :-(

    Do you use a color identifier? Or just not where colors. We are now
    making the Rainbow Color Reader if you are interested.


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