• Anna Sheridan and Z'ha'dum

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    Some fifteen years later am going through the series again, now on DVD.
    Still such a great series. One question on the Z episode. Did Shadows prefer
    telepaths to run their vessels, they were better at it than "normals"? Anna was never written as a telepath but she was written to have been hooked up to drive a Shadow ship. Did the Shadows use non-telepaths in other ways in their vessels or is there an error in the writing?

    Just two more points to add that sprung to mind (just catching up on missed threads).

    The Shadows wiped out those with Narns the telepath gene a thousand years before. So they weren't using them at that point. If they used telepaths in their ships then that would be a massive waste of 'components'. I vaguely remember Garibaldi's head and neck areas being checked over after he went missing?

    Clearly Mundanes were the standard Shadow vessel components up to the developments revealed in Ship of Tears

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