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    Once Upon A Time,
    David E. Powell wrote:

    It would seem a natural for SyFy or and would be competitor.

    With it being regularly bashed on mega-hit The Big Bang Theory, I seriously doubt Babylon 5 will ever be able to generate enough new fans with which to revive it in syndication. Millions of people are hearing bad things about the show. People who have seen it know that Sheldon has his head up his ass, but those who haven't will probably be disinclined to question his judgment, and take it as a given that Babylon 5 "fails as drama, science fiction and is hopelessly derivative."

    Captain Infinity

    There is an old rule in Hollywood - there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    This primary applies to actor's sex lives, we will see if it applies to
    TV programmes.

    Andrew Swallow

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    On September 2, 2013 JMS wrote on his Facebook channel


    To the online backinh and forthing...some hard facts. Because Babylon 5

    isn't on the air in the US anywhere, it's impossible for the show to add

    new viewers except one at a time, friend to friend, or if you've heard

    about it enough to want to shell out the money for the DVDs. Casual

    viewers can't stumble across it while channel surfing. (As we all know,

    after Trek was canceled for poor ratings, it found its audience in

    syndication.) So in answer to the photo below, either WB has to be

    convinced to release the show somewhere, or a network like Syfy or

    Chiller or another along those lines has to be prompted to pick it up.

    If not, quite honestly, and without any way to add new viewers, the show

    will eventually slide into obscurity. This ain't something I can do, or

    even directly participate in. It's up to the fans now.


    On Twitter people are using #FreeBabylon5

    Andrew Swallow

    Will do. It would seem a natural for SyFy or and would be competitor.

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