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    ... another iteration a very expensive proposition.

    No kidding!

    But it is being discussed in the highest of quarters..

    Of course it is; it's quite a franchise they own.

    I don't think it will happen, for all of the reasons already
    discussed. TNG did it (and it is going very well). But they had most
    of what they needed to remaster it without having to reproduce
    extremely large amounts of the shows. And they have a much larger fan
    base from which to derive profit. Given the amount of work that will
    have to go into a B5 remaster -- they will have to rebuild *all* of
    the effects shots *from scratch* -- it just won't happen. And given
    that the last B5 direct-to-video release didn't generate enough
    revenue to get more made, it's pretty tough to see a path where it
    would work.

    Now, having said that, I did not expect the rumored TNG re-mastering
    project to become reality as it did, so hopefully, I am wrong again!
    Because I would love to get B5 on BD!


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