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    So now that I'm (almost) done ripping my B5 DVDs to my hard drive, I've
    only got the TV movies left, comes the question of where those movies
    go in the timeline. Everyone has their opinions on where some of them
    go, and others are pretty straight-forward.

    For example, "The Gathering" is obviously the series pilot and belongs immediately in front of season one episode one "On The Firing Line".
    "The Lost Tales" occur somewhere between season 5 episodes 21 and 22, "Objects At Rest" and "Sleeping In Light".

    "Thirdspace" is somewhere in season four. The Lurker's Guide puts it somewhere between episodes 6 and 14, "Into The Fire" and "Moments Of Transition" which works for me.

    "In The Beginning", however, is an open question for me. On the one
    hand, it tells the story of the Minbari war which places it a decade
    before "The Gathering", but on the other hand, it's told as a
    retrospective by Londo as an old man a few hours before his death which places it, like "The Lost Tales", somewhere between "Objects At Rest"
    and "Sleeping In Light". And because it's told by Londo a couple hours before his death, it overlaps the flash forwards from "War Without End
    pt 2". For my part, because of the construction of the episode, I'm
    placing it between "Objects At Rest" and "Sleeping In Light". I'll
    have to re-watch "The Lost Tales" to determine which of those comes
    before the other.

    Likewise, "River Of Souls" is somewhere between "Objects At Rest" and,
    from my placement, "In The Beginning".

    The only lingering question I have is, where does "A Call To Arms"
    belong? It's the B5 cast so do I put it with the B5 set, or do I put
    it with the to-be-ripped Crusade set since it's also the setup/pilot
    for that series?

    I'd definitely put In the Beginning in the later position, as it also gives away far too much if placed at the front.
    JMS said that the Drakh plague is resolved in the second year of Crusade, so
    A Call to Arms could fall anywhere between Objects at Rest and Sleeping in Light. Personally I'd place it before In the Beginning and after River of
    Souls -- I'd make it and crusade fall before In the Beginning. This makes it work best, IMO, as there's no reference or mention of it in any of the other material.
    Where are you putting Legend of the Rangers?

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