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    Greetings and welcome to another week of words from Weatherfield. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

    Ray continues his plan to demolish the cobbles and build his skyscraper apartments shooting up to the Weatherfield sky. A council meeting is held which Roy attends as the residents’ representative. The others watch the meeting live streamed to Speed
    Daal and Underworld. There’s an attractive blonde woman chairing the meeting, which is something I’m throwing in and you’ll find out why in a moment. Just when it looks as if Ray’s plan will be thrown out by the council after Roy presents a
    convincing case to save the cobbles, Ray’s devilish plan is approved. Everyone’s upset. Everyone, that is, apart from Debbie and Ray who are over the moon that they’ve won. Ray celebrates by going out to dinner with, you’ve guessed it, the
    attractive blonde woman who chaired the council meeting. What a sleaze bucket he is.

    David’s downhearted at losing the battle against Ray but that’s the least of his problems when he returns home to find the locks changed at Chez Platt. Ray tells David it’s his house now, he can do as he pleases and offers the Platts alternative
    accommodation. However, their new home is on the Robeson estate, home to the notorious Dog & Gun pub and Shona refuses to return to the rotten estate she escaped from. Sally and Tim also receive bad news when Ray tells them that their move to the posh
    area that Sally’s set her heart on, is off. However, Ray is still pressing ahead with his purchase of Sally and Tim’s house.

    Elsewhere this week, Gary’s on remand in prison for attacking Adam Barlow. Faye visits him and tells him she wants to admit to the cops it was her who attacked Adam, not Gary. But Gary won’t hear of it and continues to lie to protect Faye.

    Evelyn gets an offer she thinks she can’t refuse when Arthur asks her to move with him to Canada. She finds out Arthur’s wife has died and is ashamed of herself for treating him badly, but then, she didn’t know what had happened so it’s hardly
    her fault. And so, Evelyn gives Arthur’s offer some though, she irons her clothes and packs her bags, determined to start a new life in Canada with him. But when push comes to shove, she can’t go. She meets Arthur at the tram stop where he’s en-
    route to the airport and tells him she’s staying put. Her family and her heart are firmly in Weatherfield and she’s an absolute joy to watch. Her friendship with Roy can now carry on apace. But I wonder… has Arthur really flown away? Or will he
    return pledging undying love for Evelyn?

    Up in Victoria Court, Leanne continues to struggle with her grief and calls Dr Gaddas to ask for sleeping pills. Dr Gaddas gives them to her and pleads with Leanne to tell Nick and Toyah that she’s alone in the flat, instead of pretending to be in
    France. Leanne swallows two pills to make herself sleep but in the process spills the sleeping tablets all over the table. As you can imagine, the scene does not look good. And so, when Simon goes into the flat, thinking that Leanne is in France, he
    finds Leanne sparked out on the sofa with sleeping pills all over the place. Cue yet another visit to the Kate Oates memorial ward at Weatherfield General where Leanne is checked over before being sent home.

    Simon steps up to the mark to look after Leanne and cancels his date with Kelly. I really like the budding relationship between Simon and Kelly, even if it’s thwarted for now. And I love the friendship between Summer and Kelly too, with Summer egging
    Kelly on to dump Simon after he doesn’t show up on their date. But neither Kelly nor Summer know that Simon was tending to Leanne instead.

    Over at the Rovers, Jenny’s in state when Johnny has his day in court for his historic crime of aggravated burglary and gets sent down for eight months. Jenny’s stepdaughter Daisy (I’m still not sure what the point of her is and find her
    increasingly annoying) tells her she’ll stick around and help out while Johnny’s away.

    In Dev’s corner shop, Asha and Aadi receive the results of their mock exams. Aadi’s done very well and Dev is chuffed with his son. But Asha’s done badly, worse that she could have known. Aadi blames Corey for his sister’s bad marks. In the
    corner shop later, Dev’s upset and in a touching scene, tells Aadi that from now they’re both going to look out for Asha. Well, they’d better look sharp because Corey is going to cause her even more harm in the coming weeks and bad results in a
    mock exam will be the least of Dev’s worries.

    Finally, this week, some stuff with the Baileys. Grace is pregnant, Michael is the father, Aggie’s upset, Edison overacts. I have no time for this family, what little joy they brought in the form of Michael’s wacky entrepreneur schemes have gone by
    the wayside and I simply don’t see the point.

    And that’s just about that for this week.

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    This week’s writers were Jonathan Harvey and Damon Alexis-Rochefort (Monday); Mark Wadlow (Wednesday); EllenTaylor (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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