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    Greetings and welcome to another week of words from Weatherfield. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

    Happy New Year to you all!

    We start this week with Geoff’s funeral, which Tim and Yasmeen can’t face and instead chat to each other in Yasmeen’s kitchen, a nice bit of bonding, I feel. Tim’s mum Elaine hands Tim a box of toys that she had kept for him over the years, they
    re all retro toys by now and worth a bit of money. Too late, however, as Tim gives them to Evelyn to sell at the jumble sale. Bernie buys them at the jumble sale and Tim buys them from her when Elaine is upset at what Tim has done. I’m really liking
    Elaine, and Paula Wilcox is a welcome addition to the show. I’d like to see move in with Yasmeen, two older ladies living together with all the fun and drama that could ensue.

    We take another visit to the Kate Oates memorial ward at Weatherfield Hospital this week to visit Peter who’s coughing up blood. His drinking has finally taken its toll on his body and he has to have surgery. Carla begs him to let her help him but
    Peter shrugs her off and says he can manage on his own.

    Meanwhile, Faye admits she was the one who attacked Adam in the Bistro. She thought Adam was Ray and wanted to hurt Ray after he attempted to rape her. She admits all to Gary and Maria, and she tells them she previously slept with Ray in his hotel room,
    blaming herself for the attempted rape. Maria rightly tells Faye it was not her fault. Gary tells Faye she can’t go to the cops and admit she’s attacked Adam, they’ll nab her for assault and so he takes the rap himself.

    Elsewhere this week, Toyah and Imran’s stint as foster parents to baby Mason comes to an abrupt end when his mum is released from hospital and wants her baby back. Toyah is so upset at having to hand the baby back so soon and when Imran receives
    another call from social services asking if they’d like another baby, he turns the offer down, thinking Toyah can’t cope. She’s upset when she finds out what he’s done but they talk it through and realise that if they’re going to become foster
    parents, handing the child back is a part of the bargain they’re going to have to used to.

    Evelyn gets a shock this week when her married friend Arthur returns. He gives her a book as a belated Christmas present but she wants nothing to do with him at first. Later we see her reading her book in Speed Daal. Will she welcome Arthur back into her
    life? Roy thinks she should, but Evelyn’s not so sure.

    Speaking of Roy, he’s gathering signatures from those against the development on the cobbles to present to the council. However, he hasn’t banked on Ray and Debbie’s underhand plan now they can’t get their hands on Underworld. Putting the Dev
    into development, Ray schmoozes the corner shop owner over lunch with a council official and Dev is putty in Ray’s hands, agreeing to the development. But when the man from the council gets back to his office, he puts a report online slamming the
    development. The episode ends with Ray rubbing his chin, with an evil glint in his eye, still determined to get his own way.

    And finally this week, Todd continues his plan to ruin Paul and Billy’s relationship. Oh, he’s a bad one, that Todd. I’m surprised, though, how quickly and easily Billy believes every word that Todd utters, I’d expect him to be a little more
    suspicious of what Todd is up to, and why.

    And that’s just about that for this week.

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    This week’s writers were Julie Jones and Ian Kershaw (Monday); Alasdair Morrison and David Isaac (Wednesday); Ella Greenhill (New Year’s Eve) and Steven Fay (New Year’s Day). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation
    Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online http://coronationstreetupdates.blogspot.com/2008/11/exclusive-all-current-corrie-writers.html

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