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    This week was Coronation Street’s 60th anniversary with a showstopper of an episode for fans and a heart stopper of an episode for evil Geoff Metcalfe. Yes, he’s dead at long last. Yasmeen’s freed from prison and heads home a nervous wreck. And
    what does Alya do? Instead of looking after her gran when they spy Geoff stalking them on the Street outside of Alya’s flat, Alya leaves her gran on her own in the flat and heads out to the cop shop. Cue Geoff’s entry into the flat to terrorise
    Yasmeen all over again. But hey, it was Corrie’s 60th anniversary, I’m not going to let mere detail get in the way of a good plot. Oh, hang on. Geoff leaves Yasmeen the keys to her house and tells her to clear her stuff out as he’s selling the
    house and moving to Cyprus with his lover Christine. Yasmeen heads to the house and locks herself indoors but Geoff comes through the back door and sets the house on fire. Run, Yasmeen, run! She runs upstairs to the attic and ends up on the roof to
    escape the flames and Geoff. Geoff follows, desperate to stop her from escaping. And while the flames burn downstairs, Alya somehow gets into the house and up on the roof with them. But hey, it was Corrie’s 60th anniversary, I’m not going to let mere
    detail get in the way of a good plot. And so it went on, until Geoff slipped off the roof and ended up splattered on the patio with Yasmeen’s chickens strutting by. I do think Corrie missed a trick though by not having Geoff fall off the roof into the
    Platt’s sinkhole. Now that would have been good. Best line of the week, for me, went to Cathy when she heard of Geoff’s demise: “Jiggle it Geoff? Well, he’s not jiggling now!”

    Elsewhere this week, Ray’s campaign to demolish the cobbles comes to a temporary stop when Ken Barlow and his shopping bags defy the bulldozers. A symbolic scene about cobbles, community and kindness versus greed and randy Ray. The residents form a
    sit-in in front of the old brewery to stop the diggers doing their worst as Abi jumps in the bulldozer and manages to knock off the electricity to the whole street. There’s no power, no lights, nothing. The street is in darkness and it adds a
    wonderfully eerie setting to the storyline.

    Speaking of eerie, Ray gets his hands on Faye again this week just as Gary walks into the Bistro. Gary hears Faye crying, telling Ray to leave her alone, to get his hands off her and when Ray knows Gary’s heard them in the back room of the Bistro, Ray
    comes out shamefaced, stuffing his shirt into his trousers while Faye runs out of the room with her blouse undone. Gary tears up the contract and refuses to sell the factory to Ray.

    Debbie’s true purpose on the street is revealed this week when Kevin gets involved with the campaign to save the cobbles. He throws his sister out and she heads straight to Ray to talk strategy. It’s a real shame Debbie’s turned to the dark side as
    I love the character and Corrie needs more women of her calibre.

    Meanwhile, Peter proposes to Carla and it’s all very jolly until the moment when Daniel arrives in the Rovers and blurts out that Carla and Adam have slept together. Carla and Peter argue and fight in the back room as Peter drinks himself to oblivion.
    You’ll drink yourself to death!” Carla cries and all Peter does is take another swig. Adam also drowns his sorrows alone in the Bistro but someone comes in and attacks him. Who will it be? The suspects put forward by ITV are Sarah, Carla, Gary and
    Peter but my money’s on Simon, protecting his drunken dad.

    And finally this week, young Sam tries to get into Leanne’s heart to help her cope in her grief. He’s a lovely little actor and I just hope ITV don’t overplay the sentimentality with him but for now, he’s a joy to watch.

    And that’s just about that for this week.

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    This week’s writers were Chris Fewtre;; (Monday); Jan McVerry (Wednesday) and Debbie Oates (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online
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