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    ANSIBLE(R) 413
    DECEMBER 2021

    From DAVID LANGFORD, 94 London Road, Reading, Berks, RG1 5AU, UK. Website news.ansible.uk. ISSN 0265-9816 (print); 1740-942X (e). Available for SAE
    or the weird mythos writings of Ralph Wollstonecraft Hedge.

    [NET NOTE. See https://news.ansible.uk/a413.html for the nice HTML version; https://news.ansible.uk/pdf/a413.pdf for a printable PDF. Mailing list subscribe/unsubscribe information appears below -- please don't send such requests to my own e-mail address. DRL]


    DAVID DRAKE announced his retirement from novel-writing, owing to health
    and concentration problems, in his digital _Newsletter #123 -- the last
    one_ (17 November). Some better news from the same bulletin is that 'I'm
    still able to write stories and I think they're pretty good.'

    NEIL GAIMAN was a guest on _Desert Island Discs_ (BBC Radio 4, November)
    and must have been the first ever to choose as his castaway reading matter
    _The Book of the New Sun_ by Gene Wolfe. [MJE]

    MERCEDES LACKEY is to be the 38th recipient of the SFWA Damon Knight
    Memorial Grand Master award, presented with the 2022 Nebulas.

    URSULA K. LE GUIN's 1972 novella _The Word for World Is Forest_ is
    referenced and homaged as the title of a current Glasgow exhibition with
    more of a climate-change than an sf theme: see events list below. [JD]


    Until 11 Dec [] THE WORD FOR WORLD IS FOREST (exhibition), CCA, 350
    Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD. 11am-6pm. Free. See www.cca-glasgow.com/programme/the-word-for-world-is-forest.

    Until 20 Feb 2022 [] RAY HARRYHAUSEN: TITAN OF CINEMA (exhibition),
    Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art , Edinburgh. 10am-5pm. GBP12-GBP14; GBP10-GBP12 concessions and children. Full details at www.nationalgalleries.org/exhibition/ray-harryhausen-titan-cinema.

    3-5 Dec [] STEAMPUNK CHRISTMAS, Nothe Fort, Weymouth. GBP6 Fri, GBP12
    Fri+Sat, Sun free. See www.asylumsteampunk.co.uk/christmas/.

    4 Dec [] DRAGONMEET (gaming), Novotel Hammersmith, London. 9am-11pm. GBP12; child GBP5. Group rates at www.dragonmeet.co.uk.

    POSTPONED TO 2022. 4-5 Dec [] FOR THE LOVE OF SCI-FI (media), BEC Arena, Stretford, Manchester. New dates TBA at fortheloveofsci-fi.com.

    HYBRID. 4 Dec [] TOLKIEN SOCIETY YULEMOOT, Bacchus Bar, Birmingham, and
    online. Free? See www.tolkiensociety.org/events/.

    15-19 Dec [] DISCON III (Worldcon), Washington DC, USA. $275 reg;
    first-time Worldcon members $220; YA $140; virtual $90; supp $50; child and other rates at discon3.org. Hugo voting closed in November.

    16 Dec [] LONDON XMAS MEETING (additional to First Thursdays), The Bishop's Finger, 9-10 West Smithfield, EC1A 9JR. All evening.

    10-12 Mar 2022 [] FRIGHTFEST (film), GFT, Glasgow. Tickets at www.frightfest.co.uk/filmsandevents.html from 'early January'.

    9-10 Apr 2022 [] SCI-FI SCARBOROUGH (multimedia), The Spa, Scarborough.
    Tickets not yet available. See scifiscarborough.co.uk.

    5-8 Aug 2022 [] CONTINUUM (RPG), John Foster Hall, Manor Road, Leicester University, Oadby. More soon at continuumconvention.co.uk.

    30 Sep-1 Oct 2022 [] DESTINATION STAR TREK, ExCel, London. Day tickets
    GBP29; 2 days GBP44; 3 days GBP54; more at destinationstartrek.com.

    14-16 Oct 2022 [] LAKES INTERNATIONAL COMIC ART FESTIVAL, Kendal, Cumbria. Ticket bookings awaited at www.comicartfestival.com.

    22-23 Oct 2022 [] SURREY STEAMPUNK CONVIVIAL, Stoneleigh, Epsom. See bumpandthumper.wixsite.com/steampunkconvivials.

    28-29 Oct 2022 [] 15TH STARFLEET/KLINGON BANQUET, Peterborough Marriott
    Hotel. GBP65 reg; GBP45 Saturday only; 10% discount if booked before 1
    January. See www.starbase24.co.uk/Banquet.html.

    11-13 Nov 2022 [] NOVACON 51, venue TBC. GoH Gareth L. Powell. GBP51 reg; under-17s GBP12; under-13s free. More awaited at novacon.uk.

    RUMBLINGS. _Dead by Dawn_, the Edinburgh horror film festival, will have no 2022 event.
    _Eurocon 2024:_ the bid for the first Dutch Eurocon (Rotterdam,
    August) is now Erasmuscon. See www.erasmuscon.nl.


    AS OTHERS SEE US. Reviewing Neal Stephenson's _Termination Shock_:
    'Stephenson may write science fiction, but his novels always feel timely
    and relevant.' (Bethanne Patrick, _Washington Post_, 3 November) [MMW]

    AWARDS. _Ditmar_ (Australia) best novel: _The Left-Handed Booksellers of London_ by Garth Nix. [CS]
    _Goldsmiths Prize_ (GBP10,000): _Sterling Karat Gold_ by Isabel
    Waidner. [F770]
    _World Fantasy._ NOVEL _Trouble the Saints_ by Alaya Dawn Johnson.
    NOVELLA _Riot Baby_ by Tochi Onyebuchi. SHORT 'Glass Bottle Dancer' by
    Celeste Rita Baker (_Lightspeed_). ANTHOLOGY _The Big Book of Modern
    Fantasy_ ed. Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. COLLECTION _Where the Wild Ladies
    Are_ by Aoka Matsuda, trans Polly Barton. ARTIST Rovina Cai. SPECIAL -- PROFESSIONAL C.C. Finlay for _F&SF_. SPECIAL -- NON-PROFESSIONAL Brian
    Attebery for _Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts_.

    AS OTHERS COMPARE US. On a nonfiction pandemic tome by Matt Ridley and
    Alina Chan: 'Much of _Viral_ will leave most readers exhausted. In places
    the effect is rather like being seated at a wedding next to a distant
    relative breathlessly explaining the details of their _Game of Thrones_ fan fiction.' (_Washington Post_, 14 November) [MMW]

    NEW AWARD. Faber announced sf prizes for YA novels or collections that
    'offer hope and spark', with the top three entries winning GBP15,000,
    GBP8,000 and GBP5,000 contracts respectively. 'The Imagined Futures Prize
    aims to spotlight the power and value of the natural world, and imagine the collective outcome the planet faces, at a time when science fiction remains popular in the market, boosted during the pandemic.' Now open for
    submissions, closing on 9 September 2022. See www.faber.co.uk/journal/imagined-futures-prize/. (_The Bookseller_, 5
    November) [JF]

    YO-HO-HO! In early November the news reached sf circles: the National
    Library of New Zealand is for space and cost reasons dumping over 428,000
    books from its overseas holdings, and donating them to the Internet Archive
    to be digitized and made available online. For the very many works still in copyright, the permission of rights holders was taken for granted unless
    they actively opted out by emailing NLNZ with titles and unique ID numbers listed in a vast spreadsheet downloadable from natlib.govt.nz/about-us/strategy-and-policy/collections-policy/overseas-published-collection-management#opt-out-process-for-rights-holders.
    The opt-out deadline _was_ 1 December 2021, after which disgruntled authors would have to ask the Internet Archive to remove their works. [SL] In late November, though, NLNZ responded to much strong criticism by putting all
    these plans on hold for reconsideration. (Stuff.co.nz, 29 November)

    AS OTHERS ARE INSPIRED. One wonders exactly which bits of the cited film
    shaped the 'extravagant wedding of oil heiress' Ivy Getty in San Francisco: 'The designer's inspiration for the first night of festivities was the 1968 sci-fi film _Barbarella_.' (_Washington Post_, 10 November) [PL]

    R.I.P. _Peter Aykroyd_ (1955-2021), US screenwriter and actor seen in _Coneheads_ (1993) and _Kids of the Round Table_ (1995), who co-created the
    sf drama series _Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal_ (1996-2000),
    died on 20 November aged 66. [AIP]
    _Bob Baker_ (1939-2021), UK writer of many 1970s _Doctor Who_ serials
    with Dave Martin -- including 'The Claws of Axos' (1971), which introduced
    K9 -- died in early November aged 82. He also co-wrote four Wallace &
    Gromit films from _The Wrong Trousers_ (1993) to _A Matter of Loaf and
    Death_ (2008). [SC]
    _Miquel Barcelo_ (1948-2021), Spanish sf author, editor, critic and translator who ran the Ediciones B 'Nova' sf imprint from its launch in
    1986, died on 22 November. His fanzine was the 1980-1984 _Kadama_. [PDF]
    _Bart the Bear II_ (2000-2021), Alaskan brown bear in _Dr. Dolittle 2_ (2001), _Pete's Dragon_ (2016) and a 2013 _Game of Thrones_ episode, died
    on 14 November aged 21. [SJ]
    _Alexander Besher_ (1951-2020), China-born US author best known for
    the virtual-reality trilogy comprising _Rim_ (1994), _Mir_ (1998) and _Chi_ (1999), died on 8 October 2020 aged 69. This seems not to have been
    reported in sf circles. [WM]
    _Jeremy G. Byrne_ (1964-2021), Australian fan and editor who co-edited _Eidolon_ (1990-2000) and _Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and
    Fantasy_ (1997-1998), died on 24 November aged 57. [IN]
    _Linda Carlson_ (1945-2021), US actress in _Honey, I Blew Up the Kid_ (1992), died on 26 October aged 76. [AIP]
    _Marietta Chudakova_ (1937-2021), Russian literary critic and author
    whose Inspector Kraft sf stories are collected in _Mirnyie dosugi
    inspektora Krafta_ (2005; revised 2018), died on 21 November aged 84. [AM]
    _Mary Collinson_ (1952-2021), Maltese-UK model and actress in _She'll Follow You Anywhere_ (1971) and _Twins of Evil_ (1971) -- both with her identical twin Madeleine (1952-2014) -- died on 23 November aged 69. [SG]
    _Joe Cornelius_ (1928-2021), UK wrestler and actor who played the
    titular apeman in _Trog_ (1970), died on 30 October aged 93. [SJ]
    _Ian Curteis_ (1935-2021), UK director of _The Projected Man_ (1966),
    died on 24 November aged 86. [SJ]
    _Lou Cutell_ (1930-2021), US actor in _Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster_ (1965), _Rhinoceros_ (1974), _Frankenstein General Hospital_ (1988), _Honey, I Shrunk the Kids_ (1989) and episodes of many genre tv
    series, died on 21 November aged 91. [AIP]
    _Arlene Dahl_ (1925-2021), US actress in _Journey to the Center of the Earth_ (1959), died on 29 November aged 96. [LP]
    _Gene D'Angelo_ (1924-2021), US comics colorist at King Features and
    from 1977 at DC -- working on _Action Comics_, _Justice League_,
    _Superman_, _World's Finest_ and others -- died in early November aged 97. [PDF]
    _Jerry Douglas_ (1932-2021), US actor in _The Stranger_ (1973), _The
    Dead Don't Die_ (1975) and episodes of various genre tv series, died on 9 November aged 88. [LP]
    _Bernie Drummond_, UK videogame artist who created the 3D isometric _Batman_ (1986) for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad PCW, has reportedly died.
    (_The Register_, 17 November)
    _James (Jim) Fiscus_ (1944-2021), US author, photographer, SFWA worker (earning him the Kevin O'Donnell Jr. service award) and Endeavour Award administrator, died on 7 November aged 76. [F770]
    _David Gulpilil_ (1953-2021), Australian actor in _The Last Wave_
    (1977) and _Until the End of the World_ (1991), died on 29 November aged
    68. [AIP]
    _Victor (Vic) Hallett_, UK fan (in BSFA _Vector_ 1964-1972, coediting
    #48) and dealer as Books Unlimited in Prestatyn, North Wales, died on 28
    April aged 79. [CP]
    _Geir Vegar Hoel_ (1973-2021), Norwegian actor in _Dead Snow_ (2009,
    plus sequel which he co-wrote), _Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters_ (2013),
    _What Happened to Monday_ (2017) and _Heirs of the Night_ (2019-2020), died
    on 8 November aged 47. [SJ]
    _Bernard Holley_ (1940-2021), UK actor in _Doctor Who_ ('The Tomb of
    the Cybermen' 1967; 'The Claws of Axos' 1971) and _The Tripods_ (1985),
    died on 22 November aged 80. [SS]
    _Geoffrey Johnson_ (1930-2021), US casting director whose film credits include _The Swan Princess_ (1994), died on 26 November aged 91. [AIP]
    _Jyrki Kasvi_ (1964-2021), Finnish fan, Trekker and author whose
    fiction is collected in _Porcelain and other Fantastic Stories_ (2021) died
    on 16 November aged 57. [J-HH]
    _Art LaFleur_ (1943-2021), US actor in _Jekyll and Hyde... Together
    Again_ (1982), _The Invisible Woman_ (1983), _WarGames_ (1983), _The Blob_ (1988), _Field of Dreams_ (1989) and others, died on 17 November aged 78.
    _Bjorn Olav Listog_ (1957-2021), Norwegian fan active since the late 1980s, died on 11 November aged 63. [J-HH]
    _William Lucking_ (1941-2021), US actor in _Star Trek: Deep Space
    Nine_ (1995-1997) and _Slipstream_ (2007), died on 18 October aged 80. [LP]
    _Doug MacLeod_ (1959-2021), Australian screenwriter for _Dogstar_ (2007-2011 plus 2016 film), died on November aged 62. [PDF]
    _Simon Marshall-Jones_, UK author, editor and publisher who created Spectral Press (2011-2016), died on 9 November aged 58. His story
    collection is _Biblia Longcrofta_ (2015). [SJ]
    _Joey Morgan_ (_1993-2021_), US actor in _Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse_ (2015), _Critters: A New Binge_ (2019) and _Max Reload and the Nether Blasters_ (2020), died on 21 November aged 28. [PDF]
    _Chance (Catherine M.) Morrison_ (1969-2021), US Clarion workshop
    graduate living in the UK who published several stories from 2003 and wrote
    for _Strange Horizons_, died on 25 September aged 52. [L/JC]
    _Gavan O'Herlihy_ (1951-2021), Irish actor in _Superman III_ (1983), _Willow_ (1988) and _The Descent II_ (2009), died on 15 September aged 70 . [LP]
    _John Pearson_ (1930-2021), UK biographer of Ian Fleming (1966), James Bond (1973) and Biggles (1978), died on 13 November aged 91. [PDF]
    _Paolo Pietrangeli_ (1945-2021), Italian assistant director of _Flesh
    for Frankenstein_ (1973) and _Blood for Dracula_ (1974), died on 22
    November aged 76. [SJ]
    _Al Pugliese_ (1946-2021), US actor in _Annihilator_ (1986),
    _Philadelphia Experiment II_ (1993) and various genre tv series, died on 24 July aged 74. [SHS]
    _Jonathan Reynolds_ (1942-2021), US playwright and screenwriter who scripted _My Stepmother Is an Alien_ (1988), died on 27 October aged 79.
    _Clifford Rose_ (1929-2021), UK RSC actor in_ Doctor Who_: 'Warriors' Gate' (1981) and _Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides_ (2011), died
    on 6 November aged 92. [AIP]
    _Will Ryan_ (1949-2021), US voice actor and singer with many credits
    -- mostly Disney -- from _Welcome to Pooh Corner_ (1983), _An American
    Tail_ (1986), _The Land Before Time_ (Universal 1988), _The Little Mermaid_ (1990) and so on to 2021, died on 19 November aged 72. [AIP]
    _Wilbur Smith_ (1933-2021), South African historical novelist whose
    _The Sunbird_ (1972) is a lost-race story and whose Ancient Egypt sequence opening with _River God_ (1993) has fantasy elements throughout, died on 13 November aged 88. [PDF]
    _Stephen Sondheim_ (1930-2021), famed US composer/lyricist whose
    musicals include _Evening Primrose_ (1966, from John Collier's story), _The Frogs_ (1974) and _Into the Woods_ (1986), died on 26 November aged 91.
    _Dean Stockwell_ (1936-2021), US actor in _The Boy with Green Hair_ (1948), _Dune_ (1984), _Quantum Leap_ (1989-1993), _Battlestar Galactica_ (2006-2009) and others, died on 7 November aged 85. [JB]
    _Robert Thurston_ (1936-2021), US author who attended the first
    Clarion workshop in 1968 and whose sf novel debut was _Alicia II_ (1978),
    died on 20 October aged 84. [FS] He published many _Battlestar Galactica_ (first series) novelizations with Glen A. Larson, and several solo
    _Battletech_ ties.
    _Marie Versini_ (1940-2021), French actress in _The Brides of Fu
    Manchu_ (1966), died on 22 November aged 81. [SJ]
    _Peter Watson-Wood_ (1929-2021), UK producer whose films include
    _Dream Demon_ (1988) and _Tales of the Riverbank_ (2008), died on 1
    November aged 92. [AIP]
    _Bergen Williams_ (1959-2021), US actress in _Mom and Dad Save the
    World_ (1992), _Wishman_ (1992), _Lord of Illusions_ (1995) and others,
    died on 20 July aged 62. [AIP]
    _Henry Woolf_ (1930-2021), UK actor who played the sinister Collector
    in _Doctor Who_: 'The Sun Makers' (1977) and Dr Cornelius in two BBC Narnia adaptations (1989, 1990), died on 12 November aged 91. [SS] Films include
    _The Rocky Horror Picture Show_ (1975) and _Superman III_ (1983).

    THE WEAKEST LINK. _Ben Shephard:_ 'In his epic poems, Homer often refers to nectar as the drink of the gods, and which other substance as their food?' _Contestant:_ 'I know he likes doughnuts. I think I'll go with doughnuts please, Ben.' (_Tipping Point_, ITV) [PE]

    COURT CIRCULAR. As anticipated in _Ansible_ 410, the Tolkien estate
    disapproved of the 'JRR Token' cryptocurrency advertised with _LOTR_
    imagery, and asked the World Intellectual Property Organization to
    arbitrate. Result: the JRRToken.com domain was ceded to the estate and the
    US cryptocoiner had to pay all legal costs. (_Guardian_, 23 November)

    ETHNIC PHYSIOGNOMY MASTERCLASS. 'She was reminded that _[he]_ was Chinese
    by the fact that his face, open so recently, had gone completely unreadable
    to Martha.' 'It was not an English smile, but a Chinese smile.' 'A smile
    crept across his lean features: not a Chinese smile, but a very English
    smile.' 'He threw back his head and laughed -- a laugh neither English nor Chinese.' '... he laughed as I think only the Chinese can laugh.' (all R.A. MacAvoy, _Tea with the Black Dragon_, 1983) [FM]

    GENRE AVOIDANCE STRATEGY. 'Our key tool for remaining anchored to reality,
    and not drifting away into science fiction, is to spot the crucial
    distinction between form and function.' (Arik Kersshenbaum, _The
    Zoologist's Guide to the Galaxy_, 2020) [KM]

    I READ _BATTLEFIELD EARTH_! 52% of those polled in a recent _Radio Times_ survey confessed to lying about having watched tv programmes that they
    hadn't seen -- the most fibbed-about shows being _Stranger Things_ and
    _Game of Thrones_. (Radiotimes.com, 14 November) [SF2C]

    THE DEAD PAST. _50 Years Ago_, following his resignation from Ace Books,
    Donald A. Wollheim's new venture was announced: 'DAW Books will publish
    four titles per month, beginning in April 1972 -- all science fiction or fantasy.' (_Luna Monthly_ 31, December 1971).

    DIAGRAM PRIZE. Strongly tipped to win this award for oddest book title of
    the year: _Is Superman Circumcised?_ by Roy Schwartz, a study of the superhero's Jewish origins -- or rather, those of his creators Jerry Siegel
    and Joe Shuster. (_Guardian_, 5 November) [AIP]

    AS OTHERS ... _New York Times_ crossword clue, 31 October: 'Fluent speaker
    of Elvish, say.' The answer was 'nerd'. [LM]
    More fan-friendly is 'Scores a pair in answer to ultimate question
    (5-3)'. (_i,_ 20 November)

    RANDOM FANDOM. _Sandra Bond_'s name was pulled from the hat as
    egalitarianly chosen Fan Guest of Honour at Corflu (Bristol, November). She
    was also elected Past President of fwa (Fan Writers of America).

    THE FOOTBALLSHIP OF THE RING. 'And if Tolkien were writing the script of football, he would most certainly have introduced oases of stability amid
    the mayhem -- places such as Rivendell, Lothlorien and the Grey Havens -- domains where people are (as much as this is possible in football) at peace with each other. Jurgen Klopp is, in this sense, the Elrond of Merseyside,
    one of the custodians of the three elven rings ...' (Matthew Syed, _The
    Times_, 3 November) [PE]

    FANFUNDERY. _TransAtlantic Fan Fund:_ the next TAFF race runs from Europe
    to Chicon 8 (the Chicago Worldcon) in September 2022. Nominations are still open, closing on 10 December; voting will continue to 18 April. See
    taff.org.uk for more.
    Rob Hansen's latest fanhistorical work for the TAFF ebook library is _Bixelstrasse: The SF Fan Community of 1940s Los Angeles_ -- another huge compilation from original fanzine sources, with many famous names dropped.
    See taff.org.uk/ebooks.php?x=Bixel. Freely downloadable, though donations
    to TAFF are as always welcomed.

    THOG'S MASTERCLASS. _Spacetime Dept._ 'They're so far away now that their watches are timed by light-years.' (Tennessee Williams, 'The Knightly
    Quest', 1967) [ECL]
    _Dangerous Locks._ 'Her hair was like a sheet of glass, falling over
    her eyes.' (R.A. MacAvoy, _Tea with the Black Dragon_, 1983) [FM]
    _What I Tell You Three Times Is True._ 'Aro laughed. "Ha ha ha," he giggled.' (Stephenie Meyer, _New Moon_, 2006) [AR]

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    19 December 2021 (every third Sunday of the month), afternoon/early evening: Sheffield SF and Fantasy Society online meeting using Zoom. For
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    R.I.P. II. Report received on publication day: _Tommy Lane_ (1937-2021), US actor in _Live and Let Die_ (1973) and _Virtual Weapon_ (1997), died on 29 November aged 83. [PDF]

    ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. Sean Parnell, Pennsylvania senatorial candidate:
    'From an evolutionary standpoint, it used to be, you know, women were
    attracted to your strength because you could defend them from dinosaurs.' (Twitter, 9 November)

    FANFUNDERY II. John Hertz has a cache of paper copies of Len and June
    Moffatt's 1973 TransAtlantic Fan Fund trip report _The Moffatt House
    Abroad_, and will send one to anyone donating $10 or more to TAFF. See taff.org.uk/#Nov2021.

    SOME LINKS from the _Ansible_ home page.
    Chesley Awards shortlists
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    Mythopoeic Awards (full announcement) https://mythsoc.org/awards/awards-2021.htm
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    THOG'S GOLDEN OLDIES from _Ansible_ 173, December 2001. 'The first smart
    rock overloaded the Phinon's shields and it collapsed to nothing but a
    smile of satisfaction on Rick's face.' (Jeffery D. Kooistra, _Dykstra's
    War_, 2000)
    'This wasn't like him. But he had just vanquished an alien race single-handedly. It was natural he'd be different after that.' '"I'm going
    to remove the skull so I can watch what happens in the brain when I make
    you my mate," he said. "No one has ever determined if there is any actual physical response in the brain."' (Rodman Philbrick & Lynn Harnett, _Abduction_, 1998)

    _Ansible_(R) 413 (C) David Langford, 2021. Thanks to Jim Burns, Stevyn
    Colgan, John Coxon, Jim Darroch, Paul Di Filippo, Malcolm Edwards, _File
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    Silver, Fred Smith, Steven Smith, Cat Sparks, Mike Stamm, Martin Morse
    Wooster, and as always our Hero Distributors: Durdles Books (Birmingham SF Group), SCIS/Prophecy, and Alan Stewart (Australia).

    1 December 2021

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    On Wed, 01 Dec 2021 17:37:31 +0000, David Langford <ansible@cix.co.uk>

    _Bob Baker_ (1939-2021), UK writer of many 1970s _Doctor Who_ serials
    with Dave Martin -- including 'The Claws of Axos' (1971), which introduced
    K9 -- died in early November aged 82. He also co-wrote four Wallace &
    Gromit films from _The Wrong Trousers_ (1993) to _A Matter of Loaf and
    Death_ (2008). [SC]

    O the embarrassment! Although 'The Claws of Axos' (1977) is indeed a Baker/Martin story, it was 'The Invisible Enemy' (1977) that introduced
    K9. Fixed on the website yesterday....

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