• sad news: fan, musician & tech dave, father of two vikings and partner

    From ppint.lhc@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Oct 11 15:53:06 2021
    - hi; sorry to have to be the bearer of sad tidings:

    fan, tech, musician & tech dave of cheadle hulme, south manchester
    (ish) has died, of some combination of diabetes, covid-19 and age;

    - there'll be a celebration of dave, and memories of him and his life,
    on saturday 16th october, out of doors (so dress should be warm,
    and allow for possible rain - this is the english north-wet, after all;

    - if you don't have valerie's contact information, let me have your
    email address, or uk landline number, possibly uk mobile number;
    i'll pass these on.

    - saddened by these tidings; yr hmbl srppnt. always thoughr^W
    assumed there'd be more time...

    - love, ppint.
    'tis due to ppinqueans that set light
    to nelson's hat
    it glows at night

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