• Hunt Valley hotel to close

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    The Delta Hunt Valley Hotel (Formerly the Hunt Valley Inn) which was
    the location of many past Balticons, once a World Fantasy Con, and
    present convention hotel for the SF genre media cons Shoreleave,
    Farpoint and Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention will be closing
    permanently at the end of October 2023. Once upon a time the Hunt
    Valley Inn was considered the best hotel for SF cons in the area
    with a sea of free parking that the fans loved. Unfortunately, that
    sea of free parking on 29 acres in a desirable spot right off an
    interstate interchange proved so attractive that a development group
    bought the hotel in 2018 and although they were guarded about future
    plans it is now confirmed they have created a plan for mixed use
    office, retail etc. and will now demolish the hotel and rebuild.
    Many fans noticed the hotel was not being invested in since 2018,
    but we all hoped the grand old facility would bounce back, but alas
    it is not to be.

    He doesn't mention that it's also a short walk from a Baltimore Light
    Rail station. I could get to it inexpensively by taking DC's Orange
    Line to L'Enfant Plaza, taking DC's Green Line to Greenbelt, taking
    the B30 Metrobus to the BWI Airport, then taking Baltimore Light Rail
    to Pepper Road.

    I attended ten Balticons and one Chessiecon (just last year) in that
    hotel. I will miss it. But Chessiecon is defunct, as is the B30
    Metrobus, and I stopped attending Balticon because of its hostile,
    irrational, and dishonest new management.
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