• El Padrino

    From Joy Beeson@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 5 21:49:56 2023
    There's an upside to the 2014 decline of r.a.sf.f. -- With an hour
    taken out of my computer time, I've had to stop posting in r.a.sf.w.,
    and I read the English usage newsgroup by reading the first post in
    each thread, then clicking "ignore", but I can post my puzzlement
    about El Padrino here, confident that I'm not committing myself to
    read a wandering two-hundred-post thread.

    I looked "El Padrino" up, and it means "The Godfather", with all the connotations that it has in the movie.

    So what makes "El Paddrino" a suitable name for a fruit-and-vegetable

    It's a pity that guavas will be out of season before I can go back to
    El Padrino. A fresh, dead-ripe guava is great when spread on a
    buttered wheat roll.


    Another bite out of computer time: with the sun setting later, and
    daylight time having been replaced by double-daylight time, I can
    leave the house after supper.

    Joy Beeson
    joy beeson at centurylink dot net

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