• Remarkable claim about phones

    From Keith F. Lynch@21:1/5 to All on Sat Apr 1 19:36:28 2023
    Researchers at MIT have made a remarkable claim about telephones.
    They suggest that someday, with further advances in technology, it may
    be possible to use them to communicate real information for business
    and for pleasure, both by voice and by text.

    Of course everyone knows that the telephone was invented for the sole
    purpose of scamming people. We all learned that the first-ever phone
    call was Watson falsely claiming to Alexander Graham Bell that his horse-drawn-carriage warranty had expired.

    The many improvements on this invention were all designed to further
    these scams:

    * Phone numbers, so that the scammer has something to fake, to get
    innocent people accussed of his crimes.

    * Phone books, so crooks know the names of their victims, and can
    personalize their scams.

    * Long distance, so that each crook can scam more people, and is
    beyond the jurisdiction of the victim's local police.

    * Cell phones, so that victims can be scammed when they aren't at home
    or at work.

    * Texting, to hide the scammer's foreign accent. And to be able to
    scam deaf people.

    This absurd suggestion raises the question as to whether university
    professors have taken complete leave of their senses. Why would
    anyone believe anything said over the phone? The idea is ludicrous.
    What next? The use of email for something besides spamming?
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