• Pemmi-con code of conduct

    From Gary McGath@21:1/5 to All on Sun Nov 20 11:49:31 2022
    The code of conduct for Pemmi-Con, the 2023 NASFiC, is at https://main.pemmi-con.ca/policies/code-of-conduct/

    I'll give it a passing grade.

    It specifies that "harassment is any behaviour
    that _intentionally_ annoys, threatens, or alarms another person" (their emphasis). Read in context, I think it makes it clear that just saying something someone doesn't like isn't harassment.

    The code prohibits "Smoking any substance, including tobacco,
    e-cigarettes, medicinal marijuana anywhere outside of your own home." Anywhere?? While you're driving to Minnesota to get to the con? (They do
    have an email address for complaining about pre-con violations.) But
    this is just a nitpick on phrasing. I'm sure they mean "anywhere the con
    has jurisdiction."

    "Requesting autographs/photos outside of autograph sessions or programme
    items without first requesting permission." You have to request
    permission to request an autograph? Again, just bad wording; I take it
    to mean people shouldn't badger pros for autographs.

    I've seen worse and can live with this.
    Gary McGath http://www.mcgath.com

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