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    ANSIBLE(R) 423
    OCTOBER 2022

    From DAVID LANGFORD, 94 London Road, Reading, Berks, RG1 5AU, UK. Website news.ansible.uk. ISSN 0265-9816 (print); 1740-942X (e). Available for SAE, _Frobb_, or Morgenstern's _Colour Selection in Galactic Pantography_.

    [NET NOTE. See https://news.ansible.uk/a423.html for the nice HTML version; https://news.ansible.uk/pdf/a423.pdf for a printable PDF. Mailing list subscribe/unsubscribe information appears below -- please don't send such requests to my own e-mail address. DRL]

    CHICON 8: YOU READ IT HERE LAST! The Chicago Worldcon had 6,500 members;
    3,574 physically present. [F770]
    HUGOS. NOVEL _A Desolation Called Peace_ by Arkady Martine. NOVELLA _A Psalm for the Wild-Built_ by Becky Chambers. NOVELETTE 'Bots of the Lost
    Ark' by Suzanne Palmer (_Clarkesworld_ 6/21). SHORT 'Where Oaken Hearts Do Gather' by Sarah Pinsker (_Uncanny_ 3/21). SERIES 'Wayward Children' by
    Seanan McGuire. GRAPHIC _Far Sector_ by N.K. Jemisin & Jamal Campbell.
    RELATED WORK _Never Say You Can't Survive_ by Charlie Jane Anders. DRAMATIC
    -- LONG _Dune_. DRAMATIC -- SHORT _The Expanse_: 'Nemesis Games'. EDITOR -- SHORT Neil Clarke. EDITOR -- LONG Ruoxi Chen. PRO ARTIST Rovina Cai. SEMIPROZINE _Uncanny_. FANZINE _Small Gods_. FANCAST _Our Opinions Are Correct_. FAN WRITER Cora Buhlert. FAN ARTIST Lee Moyer.
    SITE SELECTION: to no one's surprise the unopposed Glasgow bid is now
    the official 2024 Worldcon with 776 of 809 ballots (7 No Preference and the rest joke write-ins) -- see listing below.
    OTHER AWARDS. _Astounding_ (new writer): Shelley Parker-Chan. _Big
    Heart:_ Mark Linneman. _First Fandom Hall of Fame:_ George W. Price and (posthumous) August Derleth. _Lodestar_ (YA): _The Last Graduate_ by Naomi Novik. _Sam Moskowitz Archive Award:_ Doug Ellis and Deb Fulton.
    _Sidewise:_ LONG Laurent Binet, _Civilizations_ (translated by Sam Taylor). SHORT "Gunpowder Treason" by Alan Smale (_Tales from Alternate Earths, Vol. III_). _Special Chicon Committee Award:_ ISFDB.
    COVID STATS: 60 attendees tested positive during or soon after Chicon.
    FAN FUNDS. Chicon auctions, sales and donations raised $4,694.64,
    which was shared between TAFF, DUFF, GUFF and FFANZ. [GS]


    DOUGLAS ADAMS is now entwined in the myth of the 'stolen' 2020 US election, thanks to such conspiracy theorists as 'Shiva Ayyadurai, a failed
    Massachusetts Senate candidate who claims that Trump lost because every
    state subtracted 4.2 percent of his vote share. (The figure, Ayyadurai has said, is based on the significance of the number 42 in _The Hitchhiker's
    Guide to the Galaxy_.)' (_The New Yorker_, 1 August) [MMW]

    GREG EGAN offered wise advice: 'After dying, we strongly recommend that you
    do _not_ disclose any personal information to superficially angelic-looking interlocutors, as this is likely to be a phishing attempt. Type the URL for paradise manually into your soul's browser, and double-check for a padlock symbol.' (Twitter, 23 September)

    NEIL GAIMAN seems to have become the official Twitter scapegoat for all complaints about tv fantasy series, including _The Rings of Power_: 'I'm so sorry. I have taken your hurt to heart and promise that I will no longer
    make any kind of Lord of the Rings based television for any network ever.'

    JOYCE CAROL OATES paraphrased part of Ted Chiang's Seattle Book Festival
    talk, saying that he 'carefully distinguished between science-fiction (impersonal, never "magical") & fantasy (personal, character-driven, "magical".' And then helpfully tacked on her own conclusion: 'interesting & convincing argument suggesting why fantasy as a genre is fundamentally YA.' (Twitter, 19 September) Others disagree. What's more,
    'mystery/detective/police or legal procedurals are antithetical to horror/fantasy [...] because traditional mysteries MUST be realistic,
    otherwise detection makes no sense.' (_Ibid_) Such a powerfully argued case merits investigation by Carnacki, Lord Darcy or Samuel Vimes.

    NNEDI OKORAFOR learned the dangers of being a Moomintroll fan when told by
    a stern Swedish airport security officer, 'You have a huge knife in your
    bag.' It was a Hattifattener-shaped night light. (Facebook)


    6-9 Oct [] GRIMMFEST (film), Odeon Great Northern, Manchester. Tickets
    GBP110; concessions GBP92.50 (plus booking fee). See grimmfest.com.

    6 Oct-4 May 2023 [] SCIENCE FICTION: VOYAGE TO THE EDGE OF IMAGINATION (exhibition), Science Museum, London. Adults GBP20; other rates at www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/see-and-do/science-fiction.

    Tickets GBP25 (GBP15 concessions) at www.comicartfestival.com.

    15-16 Oct [] OCTOCON, Croke Park, Dublin. Euro60 reg; concessions Euro40;
    YA or supp Euro20. Registration open at octocon.com.

    20-23 Oct [] CELLULOID SCREAMS (horror films), Showroom Cinema, Sheffield. Tickets GBP95 (GBP85 concessions) at celluloidscreams.co.uk.

    22-23 Oct [] SURREY STEAMPUNK CONVIVIAL, Stoneleigh, Epsom. See bumpandthumper.wixsite.com/steampunkconvivials.

    26 Oct [] CLARKE AWARD CEREMONY, Science Museum, London. 6:45-8:15pm.
    GBP13. No under-18s. See tinyurl.com/3chymd3k.

    27-31 Oct [] EDINBURGH HORROR FESTIVAL, Banshee Labyrinth and other city venues. Event tickets from edinburghhorrorfestival.co.uk.

    28-29 Oct [] 15TH STARFLEET/KLINGON BANQUET, Peterborough Marriott Hotel.
    GBP65 reg. See www.starbase24.co.uk/Banquet.html.

    28-30 Oct [] FESTIVAL OF FANTASTIC FILMS, Pendulum Hotel, Manchester.
    GBP105 reg. Day rates at the new website: fantastic-films.uk.

    28-29 Oct [] FRIGHTFEST (film), Cineworld, Leicester Square, London. Ticket details awaited at frightfest.co.uk/tickets.html.

    29 Oct [] BRISTOLCON, Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Bristol.GBP35 reg; GBP20 under-18s, concessions, disabled; under-14s free; GBP10 supp. Registration
    at www.bristolcon.org. No more dealer bookings -- that room is full.

    1-22 Nov [] WRITING SCIENCE-FICTION (online course by Alex Davis),
    6:30-8:30pm Tuesdays plus one-to-one session. GBP55. See eventbrite.com/e/writing-science-fiction-4-week-course-tickets-385656658447.

    4-6 Nov [] ARMADACON 2022, Future Inns, Plymouth. GBP35 reg; GBP30
    concessions. More at www.armadacon.org.

    19-20 Nov [] STEAMPUNKS IN SPACE, National Space Centre, Leicester.
    GBP16.95; child/concessions GBP13.95. See tinyurl.com/bdffvs3d.

    7-10 Apr 2023 [] CONVERSATION (Eastercon), Hilton Metropole, Birmingham
    NEC. GBP70 reg; GBP40 concessions; GBP35 supp/online only; under-18s GBP20; under-13s GBP5. _Rates rise on 17 October._ See conversation2023.org.uk.

    16-20 Aug 2023 [] WORLDCON 2023, Chengdu, China. Memberships on sale at
    last: $70 reg (virtual $10); $50 first-timers ($2); $30 students ($2). Plus
    $50 for here seemingly optional WSFS/Hugo voting rights. See the new
    website at en.chengduworldcon.com for further details.

    15-17 Sep 2023 [] FANTASYCON 2023, Jury's Inn Hotel, Broad St, Birmingham. GBP71 reg; GBP66 student; under-16s GBP31 (BFS members GBP10 less);
    under-4s free. _Rates rise soon._ See www.hwsevents.co.uk/shop-2.

    8-12 Aug 2024 [] GLASGOW 2024, Glasgow SEC. GoH Chris Baker (Fangorn),
    Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer, Ken MacLeod, Nnedi Okorafor, Terri
    Windling. GBP170 reg; concessions GBP125; YA (under 26) GBP110; under-16s GBP70; under-11s GBP45; under-6s GBP5. _These rates are scheduled to rise
    on 1 May 2023_. See glasgow2024.org for further details.


    AS OTHERS VALUE US. An AbeBooks vendor writes: 'There's also a small
    paperback exchange store nearby, run by a sweet Lithuanian woman, who is pleased as all hell to take genre romance, sci-fi, fantasy, all the
    rubbish, which her customers love, but have no value online....' [BA]

    AWARDS. _Booker Prize_ shortlist, genre titles only: _Glory_ by NoViolet Bulawayo, _Treacle Walker_ by Alan Garner, _The Seven Moons of Maali
    Almeida_ by Shehan Karunatilaka.
    _National Women's Hall of Fame_ (US) 2022 inductees include Octavia Butler.
    _Scott O'Dell Award_ (children's/YA, $5,000): _Ophie's Ghosts_ by
    Justina Ireland. [F770]
    _SFPA Dwarf Star_ (short poem): tie 'Poem with Lines from My Son' by
    Jen Stewart Fueston and 'What Trees Read' by Mary Soon Lee.
    _SFRA Award for Lifetime Contributions to SF Scholarship_ (formerly
    known as the Pilgrim Award): Roger Luckhurst.
    _Sturgeon_ (short): 'Broad Dutty Water: A Sunken Story' by Nalo
    Hopkinson (_F&SF_ 11/21).

    AS OTHERS SEE US. 'Though long dismissed as the delusions of science
    fiction, UFOs have emerged as a serious subject in the nation's capital.'
    (Luke Mullins, _Washingtonian_, August 2022) [MMW]

    R.I.P. _Martin Barker_ (1946-2022), UK scholar of media and cultural
    studies whose books include _The Video Nasties_ (1984), _Comics: Ideology, Power and the Critics_ (1989) and studies of audience/critic responses to
    the films _Alien_, _Crash_, _Judge Dredd_ and the _Lord of the Rings_ trio, died on 8 September aged 76. [SH]
    _Margaret Basta_ (1951-2022), US fan who with her twin sister Laura
    was active in early _Star Trek_ fandom -- fanzines, con-running, founding
    the _Trek_ club S.T.A.R. -- was found dead at home on 4 September; she was
    70. [GVG]
    _Bo Brundin_ (1937-2022), Swedish actor in _Meteor_ (1979), _Late for Dinner_ (1991) and genre tv series, died on 4 September aged 85. [SJ]
    _Brian Catling RA_ (1948-2022), UK academic, poet, sculptor and much
    else, whose novels include the magic-realist 'Vorrh' trilogy opening with
    _The Vorrh_ (2012), died on 26 September. [PM-R]
    _Tom Chmielewski_ (1952-2022), US author whose 'Martian Sands' sf
    trilogy opens with _Lunar Dust, Martian Sands_ (2014), died in June aged
    70. [F770]
    _Coolio_ (1963-2022), US rapper and actor in _Daredevil_ (2003),
    _Dracula 3000_ (2004), _Pterodactyl_ (2005) and genre tv series , died on
    28 September aged 59. Soundtrack credits include two _Return of the Living Dead_ films (both 2005) and _Love and Monsters_ (2020). [LP]
    _Chandler (Chan) Davis_ (1926-2022), US mathematician, author and fan active in Boston's 1940s Stranger Club (group fan GoH at the 1989
    Worldcon), whose short sf appeared from 1946 and was collected in 2010,
    died on 22 September aged 96. [F770]
    _Vincent Deporter_ (1959-2022), Belgian artist who worked on comics
    based on animated tv, including _Scooby-Doo_ for DC and _Spongebob
    Squarepants_ for Nickelodeon, died on 27 September aged 63. [PDF]
    _Louise Fletcher_ (1934-2022), US actress in _Exorcist II_ (1977),
    _Mama Dracula_ (1980; title role), _Star Trek: DS9_ (1993-1999),
    _Virtuosity_ (1995) and _The Devil's Arithmetic_ (1999), died on 23
    September aged 88. [LP]
    _Marsha Hunt_ (1917-2022), US actress in _Back from the Dead_ (1957)
    and genre tv series, died on 6 September aged 104. [O]
    _Jack Ging_ (1931-2022), US actor in _Sssssss_ (1973) and _The Disappearance of Flight 412_ (1974), died on 10 September aged 90. [SJ]
    _Jean-Luc Godard_ (1930-2022), famed French 'New Wave' film director
    and screenwriter whose sf ventures are _Alphaville_ (1965) and _Weekend_ (1967), died on 13 September aged 91. [LP]
    _Marva Hicks_ (1975-2022), US actress in _Alien Nation: Body and Soul_ (1995), _Virtuosity_ (1995), _The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars_ (1998)
    and genre tv series, died on 17 September aged 47. [LP]
    _Harry Landis_ (1931-2022), UK actor in _Quatermass II_ (1955), _Edge
    of Sanity_ (1989), _Johnny and the Dead_ (1995), _The Discovery of Heaven_ (2001) and _Edge of Tomorrow_ (2014), died on 12 September aged 90. [SJ]
    _Douglas McKeown_ (1947-2022), US stage actor who wrote and directed
    _The Deadly Spawn_ (1983), died on 9 September aged 75. [SJ]
    _Dale McRaven_ (1939-2022), US creator and producer of _Mork & Mindy_ (1978-1982; he also wrote several episodes) died on 5 September aged 83.
    Other credits include _Almost Heaven_ (1978). [LP]
    _Phillip Mann_ (1942-2022), UK-born author long resident in New
    Zealand who published ten notable sf and fantasy novels from _The Eye of
    the Queen_ (1982) to _The Disestablishment of Paradise_ (2013), died on 1 September aged 80. [AR]
    _Dame Hilary Mantel_ (1952-2022), noted UK author best known for her Booker-winning 'Wolf Hall' historical trilogy, whose novels with fantastic elements include _Fludd_ (1989) and _Beyond Black_ (2005), died on 22
    September aged 70.
    _Igor Maslennikov_ (1931-2022), Russian film director whose _Filipp
    Traum_ (1990) is a tv adaptation of Mark Twain's 'No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger', died on 17 September aged 90. [AM]
    _Matthew Mather_ (1969-2022), UK-born Canadian author of
    technothrillers and sf beginning with _The Complete Atopia Chronicles_
    (2012), died on 13 September aged 52. [L]
    _Gary Nelson_ (1934-2022), US director of _Freaky Friday_ (1976), _The Black Hole_ (1979), _Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold_ (1986) and
    tv series including the 1960s _Get Smart_ and _The Ghost & Mrs Muir_, died
    on 25 May aged 87 (announced September). [SHS]
    _Irene Papas_ (1926-2022), Greek actress whose credits include _Moses
    the Lawgiver_ (1974), _Ring of Darkness_ (1979) and two versions of _The Odyssey_ (1968, 1997), died on 14 September aged 96. [LP]
    _Gwyneth Powell_ (1946-2022), UK actress in _The Guardians_ (1971)
    and_ Back to the Secret Garden_ (2000), died on 8 September aged 76.
    _Henry Silva_ (1926-2022), US actor in _The Manchurian Candidate_
    (1962), _Buck Rogers in the 25th Century_ (1979 film and tv), _Amazon Women
    on the Moon_ (1987) and animated Batman/Superman tv series (1990s, voicing Bane), died on 14 September aged 95. [LP]
    _Maureen Kincaid Speller_ (1959-2022), UK fan, con-runner, editor
    (BSFA _Matrix_ and _Vector_, _The Gate_, _Foundation_, others) and critic, active in the BSFA and in APAs including her own very literary Acnestis (1992-2005), died on 18 September aged 63. [PK] She was a 1996 Eastercon
    guest of honour, 1998 TAFF and fan writer Nova Award winner, and 1999 Hugo finalist as fan writer; as senior news editor at _Strange Horizons_ she
    shared credit for three semiprozine Hugo shortlistings 2016-2021. Maureen
    -- an old friend -- is survived by her husband Paul Kincaid, to whom much sympathy.
    _Venetia Stevenson_ (1938-2022), UK actress in _Island of Lost Women_ (1959) and _The City of the Dead_ (1960), died on 26 September aged 84.
    []_ Peter Straub_ (1943-2022), noted US horror author whose first major
    success was _Ghost Story_ (1979; filmed 1981) and who co-wrote _The
    Talisman_ (1984) with Stephen King, died on 4 September aged 79. Besides
    many individual book awards he received the Bram Stoker, International
    Horror Guild, World Fantasy and World Horror life achievement honours. [JC]
    _Bruce Taylor_ (1947-2022), US magic-realist author whose _The Final
    Trick of Funnyman and Other Stories_ (1996) was the first of many
    collections, died on 31 August aged 75. [L]
    _Nikos Theodorou_ (1956-2022), Greek sf fan, collector and fanzine
    editor, was reported in early September as having died. [FR]
    _Vladimir Vyshegorodtsev_ (1950-2022), Russian animator whose sf films include _Dunno on the Moon_ (1997) and _Alice's Birthday_ (2009), died on 9 September aged 72. [AM]
    _Jenny Wolmark_ (1948-2022), academic and sf critic who wrote _Aliens
    and Others: Science Fiction, Feminism and Postmodernism_ (1994) and edited _Cybersexualities_ (1999), died on 8 August aged 74. [FM]

    AS OTHERS RECOMMEND US. 'Economists ought to read more science fiction. All that fun, futuristic stuff: phasers, lightsabers, replicants, intergalactic federations, extraterrestrial beings in hovercrafts. / Please don't write
    in with the inevitable joke: "But economics _is_ science fiction!"' (Peter
    Coy, _New York Times_, 7 September)

    FAITES VOS JEUX! A list of bookies' odds on the 2022 Nobel Prize for
    Literature is headed by Michel Houellebecq at 7/1 and Salman Rushdie at
    8/1. Other listed dabblers in the fantastic include Stephen King (10/1),
    Haruki Murakami (14/1), Margaret Atwood (16/1), Maryse Conde (16/1) and
    Hilary Mantel (33/1 but, alas, no longer eligible); among the rank
    outsiders at 50/1 is Martin Amis. (Literary Hub, 26 September)

    MAGAZINE SCENE. In the wake of _Interzone_'s move to a new home, TTA Press announced 'Our last walk together' for the sister magazine _Black Static_, whose final double issue will be #82/#83. (TTA Press) Meanwhile _Interzone_ #294 is to be further delayed, with the copy date moving from early
    September to 5 December. Expect it in January.

    BRITISH FANTASY AWARDS. ROBERT HOLDSTOCK (fantasy novel) _She Who Became
    the Sun_ by Shelley Parker-Chan. AUGUST DERLETH (horror novel) _The Last
    House on Needless Street_ by Catriona Ward. NOVELLA _Defekt_ by Nino Cipri. COLLECTION _Never Have I Ever_ by Isabel Yap. SHORT 'Bathymetry' by
    Lorraine Wilson (_Strange Horizons_). ANTHOLOGY _Sinopticon: A Celebration
    of Chinese Science Fiction_ ed. Xueting C. Ni. AUDIO _Monstrous Agonies_ by H.R. Owen. INDEPENDENT PRESS Luna Press Publishing. MAGAZINE/PERIODICAL
    _Apex_. COMIC/GRAPHIC NOVEL _The Girl from the Sea_ by Molly Knox Ostertag. ARTIST Jenni Coutts. NON-FICTION _Writing the Uncanny_ ed. Dan Coxon &
    Richard V. Hirst. FILM/TV _Last Night in Soho_. SYDNEY J. BOUNDS (newcomer) Shelley Parker-Chan for _She Who Became the Sun_. KARL EDWARD WAGNER
    (special) Maureen Kincaid Speller.

    AS OTHERS REMEMBER US. It seems a little early for the clickbait headline
    'WHO WAS URSULA LE GUIN?' (Bookriot.com, 7 September) [PDF]

    RANDOM FANDOM._ Jonathan Cowie_ visited Reading to collect, at last, _SF2 Concatenation_'s 2012 ESFS award -- accepted by Martin Hoare and retrieved
    from his house by your editor some while before Covid changed the world.
    _The Fanscene Project:_ this online fanzine archive, formerly Classic
    UK Comic Zines, has a new home at comicsfanzines.co.uk. [DL]

    THE DEAD PAST. _30 Years Ago_, Paul Barnett reported on _SF Encyclopedia_ (second edition) progress: 'After tussling with the Little Brown Production Manager over the latter's idea of a _whole new typestyle_ for acronyms
    (which would have meant some poor sod picking through 1.2 million words of
    text to find and code all the acronyms), the Bearded Copy-Editor was
    delighted to hear from the Jolly Typesetter: "Er, you know that
    inordinately complicated system of coding for small capitals, italics and boldface that we insisted you use from the outset, sunshine? Well, er, our machines can't read it."' (_Ansible_ 63, October 1992)

    FANFUNDERY. _Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki_, left waiting for a plane when _Ansible_ 422 went to press, did indeed make it to Chicon 8 and home again
    with the help of a one-off fan fund.
    _TAFF:_ Fia Karlsson, safely back from her Chicon trip, has taken over
    the awesome responsibilities of European Administrator from Johan
    Anglemark; 'Orange' Mike Lowrey replaces Geri Sullivan as NA Administrator. Contact details at taff.org.uk.
    With the kind support of Bruce Sterling and Charles Platt, the TAFF
    free library ebooks _The Complete Cheap Truth_ and _The Complete Patchin Review_ now have paperback editions: see ae.ansible.uk/?id=taff.

    THOG'S MASTERCLASS. _From the Master of Adult Fantasy._ 'With an ugly,
    gloating chuckle, Zoraida ran her bejeweled hands over the panting breasts
    of the Cro-Magnon girl who writhed helplessly in Fumio's powerful grip.'
    (Lin Carter, _Darya of the Bronze Age_, 1981)
    _The Female Form Divine._ 'Her figure was _too_ well developed; she
    was rather like a wonderful French pastry made with far too much butter,
    too many eggs, mounds of rich cream and sugar; too rich, soft.' (Dean R. Koontz, _Darkfall_, 1984)
    '... he wraps an arm around her waist and squeezes an ass as firm as a helium-filled balloon.' (Norman Reedus, _The Ravaged_, 2022). [R]

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    R.I.P. -- LATE REPORTS. _Stephan Grundy_ (1967-2021), US author of the
    fantasy retellings _Rhinegold_ (1994), _Attila's Treasure_ (1996) and _Gilgamesh_ (1999), died on 29 September 2021 aged 54. [DVB]

    EDITORIAL. On 6 October the _SF Encyclopedia_ celebrates a full year of
    going it alone at sf-encyclopedia.com, after parting company with our
    former masters Hachette/Orion/Gollancz and replacing the mighty resources
    of the Hachette IT department with, er, me. So far we seem to have muddled along without actual disaster....

    20 October 2022, evening: London Zoom meeting, third Thursday of each month. 'Please share this with people who you know typically come to the Bishop's Finger, but aren't on Facebook.' https://bohemiancoast.medium.com/first-thursday-london-sf-fan-virtual-drinks-5232021e961f

    SOME LINKS from the _Ansible_ home page.
    Chicon 8 Newsletter
    Chicon 8 Virtual Access Apology https://chicon.org/2022/09/01/virtual-access-apology/
    Hugo Awards; with statistics https://www.thehugoawards.org/2022/09/congratulations-to-the-winners/ https://www.thehugoawards.org/content/pdf/2022-Hugo-Award-Details-Final.pdf
    ITV coverage of 1957 London Worldcon; Rob Hansen identifies
    participants (scroll down)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBAwkB-QP1Q http://www.fiawol.org.uk/FanStuff/THEN%20Archive/1957Worldcon/LonWorld.htm
    _SF2 Concatenation_ Autumn 2022 Newscast http://www.concatenation.org/news/news9~22.html
    Maureen Kincaid Speller remembered http://strangehorizons.com/non-fiction/in-memoriam-maureen-kincaid-speller/ https://file770.com/maureen-kincaid-speller-1959-2022/ https://sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/speller_maureen_kincaid https://fancyclopedia.org/Maureen_Kincaid_Speller

    THOG'S GOLDEN OLDIES from _Ansible_ 182, September 2002. _Detached
    Viewpoint Dept._ 'Isaac threw up his face and swung it around him,
    desperately searching for light.' (China Mieville, _Perdido Street
    Station_, 2000)
    _Golden Flow of Rhetoric Dept._ 'Other-ness plays the same part in urinating as in producing poetry.' (Colin Wilson, _The Philosopher's
    Stone_, 1969)
    _Eyeballs Dept._ 'Her wide, dark eyes crawled over me like spiders.' (Manly Wade Wellman, 'The Spring', 1979)

    _Ansible_(R) 423 (C) David Langford, 2022. Thanks to Brian Ameringen, David
    V. Barrett, John Clute, Paul Di Filippo, _File 770_, Steve Holland, Steve Jones, Paul Kincaid, Denny Lien, _Locus_, Paul March-Russell, Farah
    Mendlesohn, Andrey Meshavkin, Omega, Lawrence Person, Reddit, Alan Robson, Frank Roger, Steven H Silver, Geri Sullivan, Martin Morse Wooster, Gordon
    van Gelder, and as always our Hero Distributors: Durdles Books (Birmingham
    SF Group), SCIS/Prophecy, and Alan Stewart (Australia).

    30 September 2022
    David Langford | http://ansible.uk/ | http://news.ansible.uk/

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  • From Gary McGath@21:1/5 to David Langford on Fri Sep 30 15:49:30 2022
    XPost: uk.people.sf-fans

    On 9/30/22 12:01 PM, David Langford wrote:
    NEIL GAIMAN seems to have become the official Twitter scapegoat for all complaints about tv fantasy series, including_The Rings of Power_: 'I'm so sorry. I have taken your hurt to heart and promise that I will no longer
    make any kind of Lord of the Rings based television for any network ever.'

    Does this have anything to do with Good Omens 2? I've seen him listed as co-author, which could mean anything from full control to just putting
    his name on it. I'm not sure it's right to do a sequel when Pratchett
    can't possibly be a part of it, and I'm sure Amazon's interest is
    limited to cashing in on the title.

    Gary McGath http://www.mcgath.com

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    On Friday, September 30, 2022 at 3:49:33 PM UTC-4, Gary McGath wrote:
    On 9/30/22 12:01 PM, David Langford wrote:
    NEIL GAIMAN seems to have become the official Twitter scapegoat for all complaints about tv fantasy series, including_The Rings of Power_: 'I'm so sorry. I have taken your hurt to heart and promise that I will no longer make any kind of Lord of the Rings based television for any network ever.'
    Does this have anything to do with Good Omens 2? I've seen him listed as co-author, which could mean anything from full control to just putting
    his name on it. I'm not sure it's right to do a sequel when Pratchett
    can't possibly be a part of it, and I'm sure Amazon's interest is
    limited to cashing in on the title.

    Gaiman's stated that he and PTerry had done worked on a sequel
    before he died. Even a wholly NG version would be worth watchin imho.


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