• I'm on my way home from the Worldcon

    From Keith F. Lynch@21:1/5 to All on Mon Sep 5 20:53:01 2022
    I'm on a Greyhound bus from Chicago to Columbus, currently in Gary.
    (It tok me about an hour to walk from the Worldcon to the bus
    terminal.) From Columbus I'll take another bus to Philadelphia, and
    from there another bus to DC, and from there the Red Line to Metro
    Center, then the Orange Line to Dunn Loring. The total trip time
    should be about 27 hours. But it's much cheaper than Amtrak, and
    unlike Amtrak it has free WiFi in the buses.

    Oddly, the WiFi claims to be Baron Bus.

    There appears to be only one pair of power outlets in the bus, in the
    very back, so that's where I'm seated. It's a very bouncy seat, and
    right next to the toilet, but at least nobody is sitting next to me,
    though that could change at an upcoming stop.
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