• half breed Neolamprologus brichardi-leleupi

    From plane@duggerunionschools.org@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jan 15 10:10:46 2018
    I have a tank with J. dickfeldi, N. leleupi (spell? Lemon cichlid), and N. brichardi. The brichardi harassed badly by the leleupi and chased aggressively usually into the top corners. The leleupi and dickfeldi get along and seemed to have paired. Saw the
    dickfeldi digging a cave. About 3 weeks ago I caught and put the brichardi in another tank so it wouldn't get beat up. Today, I noticed a few tiny fry at the bottom. I wouldn't imagine the Julie could crossbreed with the neolamprologus bc different genus
    but the brichardi was removed about 3+ weeks ago. I'm wondering who the parents are I didn't expect interspecies breeding! Not sure if I can find this post again please email plane@duggerunionschools.org -confused bio teacher here!!

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